Developments for environmentally conscious home buyers.

Through our EnviroDevelopment program, UDIA empowers purchasers to make informed assessments as to whether a property offers the green features they are after.

EnviroDevelopment is a scientifically-based rating system that involves an independent assessment across six areas of sustainability: water, ecosystems, community, waste, materials and energy.

Developments that achieve certification in one or more of these sustainable elements can use the corresponding EnviroDevelopment symbol in their marketing materials.

When purchasers see the any one of the EnviroDevelopment symbols on a development, they can be assured they are buying into a project that is excelling in that specific area of sustainability.

Where you see the EnviroDevelopment logo, you will know that the development has been designed to be friendlier to the environment.

Get the recognition that your project deserves.


EnviroDevelopment offers numerous benefits for home buyers, government and property developers.  It demonstrates a long-term commitment to the positive social and environmental impacts of urban development and modern living.

For Home Buyers and Occupiers

An EnviroDevelopment home offers:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Eligibility for rebates and incentives
  • Enhanced marketability and property values
  • Healthier homes, workplaces and communities
  • Satisfaction at reducing your ecological footprint

For Local, State and Federal Governments and Environmental Groups

The EnviroDevelopment system means:

  • A more attractive, livable and sustainable Victoria
  • Increased community awareness of the importance of protecting the environment
  • Efficient use of resources whilst facilitating population growth
  • Reduced pressure and demand on infrastructure and services
  • Awareness of strategies to enhance sustainability

For Developers

According to a global Nielsen online study, 66% of people surveyed are willing to pay more for products and services that come from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact.  75% of Millennials (aged 24-42), 72% of Generation Z (15-20) and 51% of Boomers (50-64) surveyed are willing to pay extra.

EnviroDevelopment accreditation will quantify and communicate your commitment to sustainability.

Certified developments have been carefully designed to protect the environment and use resources responsibly, whilst offering a range of benefits to homeowners, industry and government. These developments are entitled to advertise their achievements by displaying a range of EnviroDevelopment icons (below).

Participating developers will be rewarded with:

  • Enhanced corporate image
  • Potential for incentives and rebates with a positive platform for negotiating reduced infrastructure charges, offsets and reduced development assessment delays
  • A competitive environment where sustainable development outcomes are achieved without substantial financial disadvantage
  • Satisfaction at reducing your ecological footprint  

Complimentary EnviroDevelopment Audit

See how your project stacks up.

Ever wondered how sustainable your project really is? Find out with a complimentary EnviroDevelopment Audit.

The EnviroDevelopment team will assess your project and advise what level of certification you may be eligible to achieve. 

Certified projects provide a point of difference in the marketplace and provide evidence to the community, potential home buyers, and investors that your project is sustainable.

Email us to arrange your free EnviroDevelopment Audit.

UDIA National EnviroDevelopment Board Victorian Representatives:

Paul Cassidy – Director Outer Melbourne, Victorian Planning Authority
Aaron Organ – Director, Ecology & Heritage Partners

Key Victorian EnviroDevelopment Contacts:

UDIA Victoria EnviroDevelopment Manager: info@udiavic.com.au or 03 9832 9600
Taylor Hood, UDIA National EnviroDevelopment Manager: thood@udiaqld.com.au or 07 3233 2711

EnviroDevelopment Partner

EnviroDevelopment Supporters

UDIA Victoria EnviroDevelopment Professionals

Position yourself and your company as a key player delivering sustainable development in Australia.

EnviroDevelopment Professionals receive industry recognition, profiling, access to cutting edge sustainable development practices, and opportunity to influence the future direction of the delivery of sustainable development.

To become an EnviroDevelopment Professional, you must be a company or individual who is a product manufacturer / supplier, service supplier, educational body, government authority or individual consultant that participates in the development industry. Sustainability and associated professionals working for development companies (e.g. sustainability managers etc.) may also be eligible. 

Ben De Waard
Sustainable Development Consultants

James Mitchell
Sustainable Development Consultants

Stefan Kreeghe
City West Water

Sally McDonald
Tract Consulting

Alex Houlston
Department Human Services (VIC)

Sam Ravida
Reeds Consulting

Doug Gow
Spiire Australia

Dr Ilya Berelov
Biosis Research

Erica Walther
Australian Cultural Heritage Management

Sarah North
Reeds Consulting

Andrew Tamme

Nicole Faulkner
Beveridge Williams

Oona Nicolson
Ecology & Heritage Partners

Andrew Thompson

Sam Barrasso
CSR Hebel

Gary Wertheimer
GIW Environmental Solutions

Craig Harris
Low Impact Development (LID) Consulting

Alberto G. Barragan

Alison Stoakley
Low Impact Development (LID) Consulting

Alistair Wenn
Tract Consulting

Simon Spratling

Jagdish Kancharla
SMEC Urban Development

Michael Treadwell
Millar & Merrigan

Mayuraj Chandrakran
Millar & Merrigan

Daniel Dietrich
Verve Projects

David Treppo
Dalton Consulting Engineers

Luke Cunningham
Water Technology

Tass Palios

Karl Rogers

Julia Baumann
Dalton Consulting Engineers

Donald Munro
EnviroCom Australia

Shivani Desai
Low Impact Development (LID) Consulting

Michael Ruhsam

Stewart McRae
Tract Consulting

Ben Daly
Tract Consulting

Ray Verratti
Verve Projects

Richard Stokes
Verve Projects

Vince Wardill
CSR Hebel

Fiona Slechten

Rebecca Czarnecki

Chris Arnold
Robert Luxmoore

Emanuele Raffaele
Robert Luxmoore

Kate Meathrel
Tract Consulting

Damon Cuming

Ivan Van Der Wert
CSR Hebel

Chelsy Maloney
Ecology & Heritage Partners

Brock Jeffery-Monck
Cossill & Webley Consulting Engineers

Kai Lorrimar
Cossill & Webley Consulting Engineers

Vickie Huang
Low Impact Development (LID) Consulting

Thomas Wright
Ecology & Heritage Partners

Leona McLaggan
WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff


Steve Toy

Stephan Kosa
Kosa Architects

Jane Lai

Jeanie Yau
NH Architecture

James Cappellari
Dalton Consulting Engineers

Rebecca Saber
Dalton Consulting Engineers

Scott Wilson
Black and White Engineering

Erkan Tepedelen
CSR Hebel

Cameron Lowe
Dalton Consulting Engineers

Matthew Holmes
SMEC Urban Development

Tom Bloomfield
SMEC Urban Development

Kate Ramchurn
Norman Disney & Young

Peter Smith
Montlaur Project Services

Sally Koehler

Shannon Le Bel
Ecology & Heritage Partners

Andrew Warnock
Ecology & Heritage Partners

Anna O’Brien
Ecology & Heritage Partners

Chris Bracher
My Neighbourhood

Chad Browning
Ecology & Heritage Partners

Ralph Lowe