Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How Much Does It Cost to Enter?

    Early Bird Standard UDIA Awards (prior to Friday 28 June)
    $1100 inc GST per submission

    Standard UDIA Awards
    $1210 inc GST per submission

    Individual UDIA Awards
    $220 inc GST per submission

  • Do I Have to Be a Member of UDIA Victoria to Enter a Project in the Awards?

    Yes, your organisation must be a member of the Urban Development Institute of Australia (Victoria) in FY25 to be eligible to enter the awards.

    Please note that your company must hold a developer level of membership to enter all categories, except Design, Marketing, Consultants, Employer of the Year, Women in Leadership, Young Leader’s and Proptech.

    For more formation, or if you are unsure if your organisation is a member or the type of membership you hold, please contact the UDIA Victoria office on 03 9832 9600.

  • Does My Project Need to Be Completed?

    Projects must be substantially developed. Substantially developed is defined as projects that have substantially developed built form within a completed component or stage of the project  AT THE TIME OF JUDGING (September/October). 

    **Marketing Excellence – the marketing collateral needs to be substantially developed rather than the specific project, this can also include sales suites and display homes. Projects can be well established; or have only 20% built but with a full suite of marketing collateral developed and a display home that the judges are able to tour in-person or virtually.

    **Design Excellence – the project does not need to be substantially developed but the conceptual design/work for the project should be.

  • Can I Enter the Same Project in More Than One Category?

    Yes. A submission and relevant payment can be submitted for each category you enter. Through the online platform, you will be able to replicate your company/project details from one category to the next making multiple category entries simple and quick.

    Please note that your company must hold a developer level of membership to enter all categories, except Design Excellence, Leaders in Diversity, Women in Leadership, Young Professional of the Year and Consultants Excellence.

  • My Project Won a Category Last Year — Can I Enter Again This Year?

    Yes, however, you will need to enter a different category.

  • My Project Was Entered Last Year and Didn’t Win — Can I Enter Again This Year?

    Yes, if you submitted a project in a previous year and did not win, you can re-enter the same project and the same category.

  • Are There Any Restrictions Regarding Where Projects Are Located?

    Projects must be located within Victoria.

  • Who Judges the Awards?

    All judges are experienced, trusted and respected urban development industry professionals.  The decision of the judging panel is final and will not be subject to challenge by entrants.

  • How Do I Present My Entry?

    Awards submissions are to be completed through our online entry portal. You won’t need to submit any hardcopy documents. The website will prompt you to provide written responses (including word limits) to each of the criteria relevant to your chosen category, and to upload relevant images and documents. This will assist all entrants to address the criteria correctly and present clear and concise information. All entrants must upload a virtual video site tour due to social distancing measures (there is no limit on the size of your image/video uploads)

    In preparing your entry, please note that there are 500 word limits on all key response areas within the entry platform, this includes your Executive Summary and each specific criteria response relevant to your chosen category.

  • How Will My Entry Be Judged?

    Entries will be judged in two stages. In stage one, the judging panel will review all online submissions. Judges reserve the right to disqualify an entry if it does not meet the criteria, or move an entry to another category if appropriate, and will advise the entrant if this action is deemed necessary. In stage two, judges will conduct a virtual or physical site visit of the project or an interview (marketing entries). Please note that judges must be provided with a virtual tour of at least one dwelling at residential development sites, otherwise the entry will be disqualified. In-person tours by judges may be requested dependent on social distancing measures

  • How Is The Criteria Addressed?

    Judging will be based on information provided by the entrant in the submission and a virtual or onsite inspection by the Judging Panel.

    The most critical component is how the criteria are addressed. Written statements should be concise, clearly set out in response to the entry requirements and judging criteria.

    Entries are submitted through the online Portal which opens early April and include the following:

    Project Details – this section includes details of the site, land use information, the development schedule and important contact details.

    Consultant Team – a list of the top 10 consultants that contributed to the project. The project architect must be included in this list.

    An Executive Summary which highlights the unique features and innovation within the project will include:

    • The development start and completion dates.
    • The number of homes/units or floor metre space for commercial/residential buildings.
    • The sale price points for the development (anticipated or actual).
    • The main points of innovation/difference in the development.
    • The main development challenges overcome (or how it is intended to be overcome).
    • The signs of market success/interest (if marketing has begun).

  • I Am A Consultant; Can I Enter A Project?

    Yes, you can enter and win in categories Design Excellence, Women in Leadership, Young Professional of the Year, Consultants Excellence, Employer of the Year and Proptech.

    If you are entering on behalf of a developer for other categories you must have the written consent of the developer. This written consent must be submitted with the online submission. The developer of the project must also hold a developer level of membership.

    Please note that in the event that your submission wins in other categories the Award will be presented to the developer of the project and all related marketing and communications material will exclusively acknowledge the developer as the winner of the Award.

  • Is It Hard To Enter?

    There are four simple entry steps to follow to successfully complete your Awards for Excellence submission via our easy to use online platform:

    1. Look through the website and identify your chosen categories from those listed
    2. Look at the criteria matrix for a summary of the selection/judging criteria for that category
    3. Head to the website and submit your intent to enter
    4. Once submissions are officially open, you will receive an email outlining all the information you need to assist you with completing your submission (these entry procedures are also outlined on the website).

For enquiries regarding the UDIA Awards for Excellence Program, please contact or call 03 9832 9600.