The suite of UDIA Masterclasses are designed for graduates and professionals within the Urban Development Sector so that you can gain the knowledge and master the skills needed to advance your career. Our Masterclass courses range from half day intensive courses to two-day courses and have been developed in collaboration with industry leaders and our UDIA members to provide practical knowledge on key policy changes and meet the demands of the industry.

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Half Day Masterclasses

Property Development Economics and Affordable Housing

The Property Development Economics and Affordable Housing course has been designed to strengthen the capacity of planners to negotiate affordable housing agreements.

This intensive half day course provides fundamental training that will equip participants with skills and knowledge to successfully negotiate voluntary affordable housing outcomes.

• Better understand property development economics analysis in considering any planning decision

• Develop key questions and understanding to engage in conversation about the development prospects for a specific site

• Build your knowledge of the factors that determine if a development project is financially viable

• Understand the planning choices available to allow the inclusion of affordable housing in a specific development • Improve your ability to negotiate with developers

Course Framework

Property Economics

  • Property Development – an opportunistic business
  • Commercial awareness
  • Financial Analysis in Property Development
  • Making Financial Decisions
  • Property Risk
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Negotiating with Developers

Affordable Housing

  • What is affordable housing and the current legislation
  • How can this fit into the commercial property development world?
  • Different affordable and social housing types and who the housing is targeted at
  • Case Studies – Lessons – hard learnings

One Day Masterclasses

An Introduction into Property Development

Learn how to identify a potential site for a range of residential developments and the factors that affect project feasibility. Gain an understanding of commercial awareness, negotiation, market research, funding options, acquisition strategies, structuring the deal and the legal framework.

Course Framework

Session 1 | An Opportunistic Business

  • Commercial awareness
  • Understanding the state of play
  • Knowing the market
  • Case study – Williams Landing by Cedar Woods

Session 2 | Analysing The Opportunity

  • Finance fundamentals – time value of money, IRR, NPV
  • Feasibility – financial modelling
  • Identifying and mitigating risks

Session 3 | Property Development Market

  • Market sectors
  • Impact of economic factors on property market
  • How to translate current data
  • Sworn valuations
  • Market information
  • Methodology and experience

Session 4 | The Legal Framework

Property Law, including:

  • Sale of Land Act 1962
  • Transfer of Land Act 1958
  • Duties Act 2000
  • Estate Agents Act 1980
  • Contract Law
  • Planning and Environment Law
  • Consumer Protection Law

Securing the Right Site

Land economics and how these are applied to the financial management of projects is fundamental to the property development industry. Learn how to complete an initial analysis of viability, gain an understanding of corporate structures, tax issues, due diligence, how to reach agreement, negotiate commercial terms and document the deal.

Course Framework

Session 1 | Development Structures, Tax And Duty Issues

  • Trusts vs companies
  • Joint ventures vs development agreements
  • Tax considerations, duty and GST
  • Land tax and GAIC

Session 2 | Due Diligence

  • Working with specialist consultants
  • Planning status
  • Servicing requirements
  • Contamination, flora and fauna
  • Cultural heritage

Session 3 | Apartment Feasibility

  • Built form feasibilities
  • Site and planning analysis
  • Financial breakdown and level of return
  • Due diligence considerations

Session 4 | Doing The Deal

  • Understanding buyer and seller requirements
  • Building trust and reaching agreement
  • Commercial terms

Session 5 | Documenting The Deal

  • Working with lawyers
  • Simple is good
  • Remaining practical
  • Document fundamentals

Marketing to get the Best Outcome

Now you have a project approved, learn how market research shapes a project, how to position your project, capture the brand and lock in a competitive sales advantage. Learn key strategies for community engagement and be introduced to the key concepts of urban design and place making.

Course Framework

Session 1 | Marketing Apartment and Greenfield Projects

  • The role and purpose of marketing within a project team
  • Establishing Market Position
  • Target Audience
  • Appealing to the target market
  • Getting the best out of the site
  • Locking in the Competitive Advantage
  • Focus Groups
  • Competitors
  • Finding the gap between market needs and current market offers
  • Using technology and social media to generate leads

Session 2 | Strata Requirements in New Developments

  • Strata involvement through the development process
  • Titling options
  • Your obligations now and into the future
  • Governance, budgets & insurances
  • What happens at completion?

Session 3 | Affordable Housing

  • Affordable Housing Types
  • Affordable Housing Models
  • The Commercial Imperative
  • Build to Rent
  • Shared Equity
  • Economic Models

Session 4 | Urban Design and Place Making

  • Context and site analysis
  • Design concepts
  • Solar design
  • Liveable streets
  • Social planning and community engagement

Session 5 | Role of Sales Agents

• Role of Marketing (to get leads) and role of Sales (to turn leads into sales)
• How Sales Agents go about their business
• How developers and marketers assist in the sales process
• Changing nature of sales roles in different market cycles
• Getting sales to stick (and not fall over)
• Prequalification for finance, guiding customers through their choice and process
• Selling built form and house and land – differences
• Relationship between land sales agents and house builder sales
• Sales agents role in collecting marketing data

Understanding the Planning Process

Gain understanding of the different types of development applications, the process for approvals and the assessment criteria for planning approvals. Learn about the statutory and strategic planning framework in Victoria, time-frames, cost and the planning process.

Course Framework

Session 1 | Planning Panels And VCAT

  • Planning panel hearings
  • Giving evidence
  • Approval process

Session 2 | Understanding State Planning Policy

  • Planning in Victoria
  • Strategic and statutory planning
  • Dealing with councils and VPA

Session 3 | Precinct Structure Plans and Planning Permits

  • Understanding the process
  • Engaging a town planner
  • Involvement in the PSP process
  • Background reports

Session 4 | Precinct Structure Plans and Planning Permits

  • Bringing it all together
  • DCP’s explained
  • GAIC
  • Parallel planning permits

Design and Build

Learn how to get the job done, moving from the planning phase to delivery.

Course Framework

Session 1 | Planning Permits to Titles

  • Engaging consultants
  • Managing the project team
  • Working with service providers
  • Preparing tender documents – types of contracts
  • Statement of Compliance
    – Practical completion
    – Approvals from service providers
    – Compliance from council
    – Subdivided lot titles

Session 2 | Civil Contracting

  • Tender, award and contract administration
  • Working with the contractor to get better outcomes and save money
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Progress payments

Session 3 | Sustainable Urban Development

  • Environmentally sustainable development requirements
  • Best practice rating tools
  • Initiatives and incentives for developers to achieve environmental excellence
  • Why does it matter?
  • Consumer demand

Session 4 | Built Form Development

  • Post planning permit project management and delivery
  • Design management, value management and construction tender
  • Marketing / sales and financing developments
  • Construction delivery and superintendent contract administration

Managing Projects

Project management is fundamental to property development. Gain an overview of the skills required to successfully deliver a project on time and on budget, while managing a variety of stakeholders and mitigating risks.

Course Framework

Session 1 | Project Management and Risk Identification

  • Role of the project manager and development manager
  • Clarifying the scope
  • Managing time, cost and quality
  • Identifying and managing risk
  • Understanding the phases
  • Applying project management techniques to each phase
  • What to look out for at each stage

Session 2 | Project Management Techniques, Procurement and Resourcing

  • Gantt chart and dependencies
  • Critical path analysis
  • Cost management
  • Procurement process
  • Resourcing issues
  • Goal setting
  • Communication and conflict resolution

Session 3 and 4 | Project Management Case Studies

  • Build or consolidate a fundamental understanding of project management
  • Define scope and develop an approach or strategies
  • Practically apply techniques, templates and tools to manage, control and deliver projects

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