Our committees drive positive policy and advocacy outcomes for the broader urban development industry.

UDIA Victoria Committees activate expert knowledge from across our membership. They provide a formal means to capture industry views, enabling us to effectively advocate on behalf of the urban development sector.

Policy Committees

Chair, Mimi Marcus – Marcus Lane Group

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee drives reform and improvement of Victoria’s planning system to facilitate development that meets housing, community and industry requirements.

The Committee tackles the planning-related issues that have a direct bearing on industry ability to to deliver on State strategic policy intent for 70 per cent of Melbourne’s housing to be located close to jobs and services in Melbourne’s established areas, and the clarity and speed at which decisions should be made to deliver planning permits for housing.

Committee Members
  • Mimi Marcus, Marcus Lane Group (Chair) 
  • Tim Peggie, Ethos Urban (Deputy)
  • Andrew Duggan, Villawood Properties
  • John Cicero, Best Hooper Lawyers   
  • Aaron Organ, Ecology & Heritage Partners   
  • Randah Jordan, Veris   
  • Adela Alexandra, AVJennings
  • Tim Pepper, Pask    
  • James Sutherland, Development Victoria
  • Bart O’Callaghan, Urban  
  • Nick Hooper, Taylors
  • Chris Raywood, Oreana Property 
  • Paul O’Shea, CS Town Planning        
  • Cameron Dash, Hatch RobertsDay    
  • David Vorchheimer, HWL Ebsworth Lawyers
  • Eve Dimitrakakis, Egis
  • Alex While, ID_Land
  • Scott Gregory, Peet Limited
  • Tom Crompton, King & Wood Mallesons
  • Kim Kyle, Lendlease
  • Alice Maloney, Ratio Consultants
  • James Moussa, Stockland
  • Justin Slater, Tract Consultants
  • Maria Anenoglou, Gadens
  • Maryam Alizadeh, Urban Paradigm
  • Samantha O’Shaughnessy, Perri Projects
  • Saraid Mitten, Beveridge Williams
Chair, Sean Pinan – Catalyst Development Services

Greenfield Development Committee

The Greenfield Development Committee is focused on the timely and cost-effective provision of new housing, infrastructure and services across Victoria’s greenfield areas.

The Committee cultivates and sustains productive relationships with key councils, referral authorities and state government agencies, and promotes infrastructure and services to meet the needs of new communities without adversely impacting the affordability and accessibility of land prices and housing.

Committee Members
  • Sean Pinan, Catalyst Development Services (Chair)
  • Dean Gold, YourLand Developments (Deputy)
  • Jill Lim, Frasers Property
  • Jack Hoffman, Satterley Property Group
  • Michael Taylor-Sands, Maddocks
  • John Forbes, Dennis Family Corporation
  • Steve Watters, SMEC
  • Sommer Liston, Stockland
  • Mark Roberts, Peet Limited
  • Anthony Caligiuri, Califam
  • Leah Wittingslow, Mesh Planning
  • Chris Engert, MAB Corporation
  • Stuart Worn, Lyssna Group
  • Rebecca Scullion, Urbis
  • Morne Henderson, Spiire
  • Brihony Boan, Gadens
  • Paul Wheate, CBRE
  • Bruce Hunter, SIG Group
  • Christian Zatorski, Lendlease
  • Niki Brown, 3L Alliance
  • Gregory Bursill, Bursill Consulting
  • Andrew Perkins, Wingate
  • Ashwin Subramaniam, Villawood Properties
  • Brett Howard, NBN
  • Terry Portelli, Red23
  • Sam Nettelbeck, Plan B Services
  • Tim Hyland, RPM
  • Nick Bosco, ID_Land
  • Mike Day, Hatch RobertsDay Pty Ltd
  • James Cappellari, Dalton Consulting Engineers
  • Peter Hood, Development Victoria
  • Mina Wahba, ABN Group
Chair, Nicholas Lee

Finance and Investment Committee

The Finance and Investment Committee promotes better access to finance from various funding streams through increased engagement with the financial sector.

The Committee advocates for regulatory and tax reform in favour of a healthy housing market, and communicates the impact and nature of taxes and charges affecting industry to higher echelons of state government and the urban development sector.

Committee Members
  • Nicholas Lee, (Chair)
  • Kathy Johnson, Yarraport (Deputy)
  • Richard Brice, APP Group
  • Joe Katz, Madgwicks Lawyers
  • Zoe Chung, King & Wood Mallesons
  • Brett Marshall, Fordham
  • Ken Fehily, Fehily Advisory
  • Heather Maxwell, Development Victoria
  • Ellen Grant, Urbis
  • Paul Beatty, URPS
  • Michael Staedler, RPM Group
  • Robert Kissane, YourLand Developments
  • Sam Dámico, Ratio Consultants
  • Charles Tandy, Metrics Credit Partners
  • Pavla Ford, Lendlease
  • Matthew Biel, Keyton
  • Lance Willie, Oreana Group
  • Stuart Skerman, Satterley Property Group
  • Eric Allilomou, Stockland
  • Adriana Zuccala, Supra Capital Ltd
Chair, Nicola Smith – Niche Planning

Innovation, Sustainability and Technology Committee

The Innovation, Sustainability and Technology Committee inspires the adoption of new technologies and innovations that will advance our communities and encourage sustainable urban development.

The Committee works to generate positive economic, social and environmental outcomes by championing new thinking, and contributing to emerging policy areas in both built form and greenfield developments with emphasis on innovation, sustainability and technology.

Committee Members
  • Nicola Smith, Niche Planning Studio (Chair)
  • Brett Young, Ratio Consultants (Deputy)
  • Ben de Waard, Sustainable Development Consultants
  • Matthew Bradbury, Spiire
  • Paul Lowe, Lendlease
  • Victoria Cook, Yarra Valley Water
  • Tavis Lavell, MNG
  • Matthew Bowler, NBN
  • Steve Hay, Core Projects
  • Shane Young, Beveridge Williams
  • James Lofting, HWL Ebsworth
  • James Senior, Nightingale Housing
  • Maureen Benier, Victorian Planning Authority
  • Lucia Allende, Development Victoria
  • Matt Gaunson, ABN Group
  • Michelle Hoggan, Burbank Group
  • Drew Dalton, Dalton Consulting Engineers
  • Josh Maitland, Ethos Urban
  • Les Finnis, Finnis Communities
  • Anthony Scafidi, iHiprojects
  • Arthur Berisha, RPM
  • Minh Nguyen, SMEC
  • Jonathan Howe, Veris
  • James Saunders, YourLand Developments

Chair, Nick Holuigue – Maddocks

Urban Renewal and Built Form Committee

The Urban Renewal and Built Form Committee seeks to ensure fiscal, planning and building policy and legislation facilitates the delivery of new housing in urban renewal and infill areas.

The Committee makes a vital contribution to UDIA Victoria’s advocacy in support of the apartment development sector, and the innovative and responsible re-development of urban renewal precincts.

Committee Members
  • Nick Holuigue, Maddocks (Chair)
  • David Allt-Graham, MAB (Deputy)
  • Brian Motz, Housing Choices Australia Limited
  • Robert Stopajnik, Development Victoria
  • Simon MacLennan, Lendlease
  • James Holding, ID_Land
  • David Scalzo, Perri Projects
  • David Lee, Riverlee
  • Darren Blair, Blair Property Group
  • Simon Lee, Bridge42 Pty Ltd
  • Guy Sedunary, YourLand
  • Phillip Vassiliadis, Moray & Agnew Lawyers
  • Amy Conti, Apollo Investment
  • Marina Basille, Colin Biggers & Paisley
  • Nemesia Kennett, Gill Family Corporation
  • Cellina Christoffelsz, Pask Group
  • Karl Forse, Metrics Credit Partners
  • Jessica Liew, Plus Architecture
  • Edelene Loke, Ratio Consultants
  • Faten Sadik, Stockland
  • Guy Williamson, Growland
  • Chris Hamer, Wingate

Chair, Marnie Dalton -Dalton Consulting Engineers

Diversity and Engagement Committee

The Diversity and Engagement Committee encourages greater participation, engagement and exposure from diverse lived experiences across the sector, including women, LGBTIQ+, people with disability, and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

By promoting diversity, UDIA is working to address barriers to industry participation, and developing progressive, meaningful and fun engagement pathways for all people in property. 

The committee is focused on inclusion, equity, education, mentoring and community engagement to encourage greater diversity and workforce participation across the sector.

Committee Members
  • Marnie Dalton, Dalton Consulting Engineers (Chair)
  • Fiona Slechten, Egis (Deputy)
  • Alicia Davidge, Lendlease
  • Simon Beardall, Stantec
  • Amy Watson, Clayton Utz
  • Jaymi Davies, ID_Land
  • Mark Smith, Oliver Hume
  • Stella Usanovic, Capstone Recruitment
  • Teena Lynch, Yarraport
  • Leanne Nickels, SMEC
  • Sara Williamson, Core Projects
  • Candice Ng, Plus Architecture
  • Maria Lasso, Mesh Planning
  • Nikita Jenkins, scouted.
  • Scott Watson, Stockland
  • Davina Sher, Villawood Properties
  • Kate Aston, Oreana Property
  • Susan Pennings, Jinding
Chair, Nick Clements – Tract

Regional: Geelong Chapter (Barwon Region)

The Geelong Chapter plays a proactive and collaborative role in policy development on issues of importance to the evolution of Geelong as Victoria’s second capital city.

The Committee plays an important role in driving productive interactions between UDIA Victoria and councils and referral authorities in the Barwon region, ensuring industry is well-represented in discussions of planning and development issues such as planning strategy, timing, infrastructure provision and population forecasting.

Committee Members
  • Nick Clements, Tract (Chair)
  • Adam Jaques, Maddocks (Deputy)
  • Ewan Wymer, Urbis
  • Celia Konstas, Villawood Properties
  • Shane McGlynn, SMEC
  • Adam Davidson, Hygge Property
  • Gary Wilson, ABN Group
  • Roger Munn, Spiire
  • Damien Chappell, Landserv
  • Damon Messias, NBN
  • Leigh Prossor, Loetis
  • Bethanie Ferraro, ID_Land
  • James Hamilton, Ratio Consultants Geelong
  • Claire Bickerstaff, Stantec
  • Ben Stewart, Core Projects
  • Trudi Ray, Haven Home Safe
  • Chris Wheaton, LBDG Developer Pty. Ltd
  • James Agustin, Maker Eng
  • Jacob Peterson, Mesh Planning
  • Nicholas Lacarruba, Red23
  • Tina Puopolo, Soho Living
  • Lachlan Atkins, Stockland
  • Megan Rovers, Geelong property hub
Chair, Andrea Tomkinson – Tomkinson Group

Regional: Bendigo Chapter (Northern Region)

The Bendigo Chapter delivers development industry representation on matters relating to the overall direction and development outcomes within Victoria’s northern region.

The Committee provides input on a range of policy issues, including with a focus on regional ensuring growth is appropriately planned for and managed.

Committee Members
  • Andrea Tomkinson, Tomkinson Group (Chair)
  • Darren Pitson, Dunlop & Pitson Earthmoving
  • Julian Perez, Villawood Properties
  • Cameron Clarke, Spiire
  • Damien Cranage, Total Property Developments
  • Emily Marson, Best Hooper
  • Gerard Gilfedder, Currie & Brown
  • Henry Wallis, Ethos Urban
  • Jordan Sens, Terraco
  • Will Gabriel, Beveridge Williams
  • Emma Arkesteijn, Development Victoria
  • Jose Virguez, Human Habitats Pty Ltd
  • Joe Cannatelli, NBN
  • Ali Jamshidi, Urban Paradigm
Co-Chair – Justin King, Lendlease
Co-Chair – Olivia Cootes, Cootes Quarry Products Pty Ltd

Outlook Committee

The Outlook Young Professionals Committee promotes greater engagement, participation and exposure for young people across the sector through a range of initiatives including events, networking, mentoring and communications.

The Committee also represents young professionals within the urban development industry by providing input on UDIA Victoria’s strategic initiatives and program of annual activities.

Committee Members
  • Justin King, Lendlease (Co-Chair)
  • Olivia Cootes, Cootes Quarry Products Pty Ltd (Co-Chair)
  • Bernice Mwenye, Stockland
  • Chiara De Pellegrin, Urbis
  • Holly McFall, Urban Planning Collective
  • Nikola Reljic, Dennis Family Corporation
  • Melissa Govic, Simonds
  • Madison Kelly, Core Projects
  • Ben Thomson, Ratio Consultants
  • Josh Rock, Arcadis Australia Pacific
  • Alyshia Pisani, Frasers Property
  • Nicola Mann, HWL Ebsworth Lawyers
  • Aaron Zhou, Dahua Group Australia
  • Isha Sarnaik, Dalton Consulting Engineers
  • Nitaya Nicholson, Maddocks
  • Ben Yao, Egis
  • Alexia Yacoubian, Ethos Urban
  • Zoe Christodoulou, Gadens Lawyers
  • James Rush, Hygge Property
  • Lauren Catalano, Pask Group
  • Shaun Cheng, Peet Limited
  • Gerard Colreavy, Veris Australia
  • Connor Gibbons, Wel.Co
  • Tom Barbour, Colliers Engineering & Design
  • Mayuran Sritharan, SMEC