Diversity & Inclusion

UDIA Victoria is committed to achieving the vision of a truly diverse and inclusive sector.

UDIA Diversity Partners

Diversity and Inclusion Mandate

UDIA Victoria is committed to achieving the vision of a truly diverse and inclusive sector.

We have joined a national pledge to have 40 per cent female representation on our committees and event panels. This pledge is an expression of the UDIA commitment to closing the gender gap typically seen across the industry.

Our members are commended for setting diversity and inclusion targets and UDIA is dedicated to showing leadership by working in unison with industry, government and academia to adopt a national mandate that progressively looks at a number of key approaches to achieve greater diversity in urban development.

UDIA has made a national pledge to reach a target of 40 per cent female committee and event panel representation. This pledge is an expression of the UDIA commitment to boosting the profile of hardworking women and encouraging female representation across industry.

Chair, Marnie Dalton – Dalton Consulting Engineers

UDIA Leadership, Industry Workforce and Diversity Committee

The Leadership, Industry Workforce and Diversity Committee plays an important role in driving the UDIA Diversity Agenda, inspiring cultural change and engaging with future urban development professionals.

The committee is focused on inclusion, equity, education, mentoring and community engagement to encourage greater diversity and workforce participation across the sector.

Committee Members
  • Marnie Dalton, Dalton Consulting Engineers (Chair)
  • Jaymi Davies , Jinding Developments
  • Fiona Slechten, Calibre
  • Bec Lollback, Currie & Brown
  • Rebecca Scullion, Urbis
  • Simon Beardall, GTA Consultants
  • Amy Conti, Simonds
  • Marcus Frizza, Stockland
  • Rosy Serventy, Development Victoria
  • Andrew Duggan, Villawood Properties
  • Oscar Stanley, ABN Group
  • Nicholas Grear, Pomeroy Pacific
  • Jo Garretty, SALT
  • Jessie Heysham, Maddocks        
  • Zoe Chung, Arnold Bloch Leibler              
  • Megan Howell, Spiire
  • Alex Koidl, HWL Ebsworth   
Chair, Marcus Frizza – Stockland

UDIA Outlook Young Professionals Committee

The Outlook Young Professionals Committee promotes greater engagement, participation and exposure for young people across the sector through a range of initiatives including events, networking, mentoring and communications.

The Committee also represents young professionals within the urban development industry by providing input on UDIA Victoria’s strategic initiatives and program of annual activities. 

Committee Members
  • Marcus Frizza, Stockland (Chair)
  • Lauren Catalano, Pask Group
  • Matthew Morgan, Risland    
  • Mike Britten, Simonds
  • Laura Smoorenburg, Lyssna Group
  • Bernice Mwenye, Dalton Consulting Engineers
  • Nathaniel Freeman, SMEC
  • Chiara De Pellegrin, Veris Australia
  • Raymond Li, Taylors
  • Jarod Mills, Parklea     
  • Kai Lorrimar, Cossill & Webley Consulting Engineers  
  • Linda Reid, MAB Corporation
  • Luke Van Lambaart, Arcadis 
  • Angela Durston-Ryan, Spiire 
  • Chris Ravat, YourLand Developments     
  • Craig Lyons, Taylors    
  • Darren Blair, Oliver Hume
Chair, Alicia Davidge – Lendlease

Women in Property Committee

The Women in Property Committee represents female professionals within the urban development industry.

The Committee encourages greater female participation, engagement and exposure across the sector by promoting female leaders, working with UDIA to address barriers to industry participation, and developing progressive, meaningful and fun engagement pathways for women in property. 

Committee Members
  • Julie Lancashire, Urban Design & Management (Chair)
  • Lara Murray, Lendlease
  • Leah Wittingslow, Mesh Planning
  • Amy Watson, Clayton Utz
  • Nancy Bickerton, Villawood Properties
  • Tina Puopolo, Stockland
  • Lora Armstrong, Woodlea
  • Ryan Davis, Oliver Hume
  • Hilary Marshall, Ratio Consultants
  • Salihah Kamal, Colliers International
  • Ezreena Aladin, Dalton Consulting Engineers
  • Claire Cullen, SMEC Australia

UDIA Mentoring Program

This program is designed to encourage diversity in the property industry, connecting groups of like-minded professionals with a mentor to explore a range of topics through guided sessions. Participants have the opportunity to broaden their industry network as well as learn new skills and gain knowledge to progress as leaders in the urban development sector.

The real power is in the format of peer, or circle, mentoring, where participants benefit not just from the knowledge of the mentor but from 6-8 other professionals at a similar level from within the industry. The broad objective of the program is to increase confidence, knowledge and skills, in order to break down the barriers of participation and engagement.  

Participants walk away with an existing network and are empowered to develop career and leadership skills. To find out more click here.

UDIA Diversity Awards

UDIA Victoria places a high value on diversity within Australia’s development industry. As a member, you can help us encourage our industry’s diversity with the UDIA Diversity Award, which celebrates outstanding women, young leaders, and companies.