The awards submissions process takes place entirely online, this means that there will be no need for you to present any formal ‘glossy’ documents to complete your submission.

How do I present my entry?

The website will prompt you to provide written responses (including word limits) to each of the criteria relevant to your chosen category. This will assist all entrants in addressing the criteria correctly and presenting clear and comprehensive information; this is essential to ensure your submission is competitive as the judges use the information to shortlist the finalists and prepare themselves for the site visit, as well as a reference during the final judging.

We urge the strong involvement of the project management team in the preparation of the entry responses as the focus is on the content in the online format, rather than the ‘gloss’ of a traditional hard copy submission.

You will still be able to utilise the electronic image uploads as the avenue through which to showcase the aesthetic and innovative elements of your project.

What is the selection criteria?

The selection criteria for each category is outlined on each category page. As a guide, you will be expected to address all or some of the listed criteria depending on the category – these can easily be viewed at a glance in our criteria matrix.

Why are the criteria weighted?

The criteria are weighted to give entrants an understanding of what the judges will be focusing on. This weighting is reflected in the judges’ scoring sheets.

How are the submission and site inspections weighted?

The written submission is worth 30 per cent and the virtual site inspection/ project team presentation is worth 70 per cent.

When are submissions due?

2024 submissions open early May and close end of July.

Can I make changes to my submission?

You may make changes to your submission up until the closing date, after this date, submissions will be considered complete. Any items or documents submitted after this time will be accepted or declined at the Institute’s discretion.

How will my submission be judged?

All Judges are experienced practitioners from various sectors of the urban development industry.

Judging of entries will include a review of the written submission against the criteria for each category and an on-site inspection by the panel of judges.

Entrants are expected to make a verbal presentation to the judges as part of their site inspection. You should allow no longer than one hour for the site inspection including the presentation. The onsite presentation is a key component of the judging and should be delivered by your most senior representative who is intimately familiar with the project e.g. CEO, Chairman, Director, Founder etc.

UDIA reserves the right to reallocate Awards submissions to another category if it is considered to be a more appropriate fit. In this instance, the entrant will be notified and they will be given the option to amend their submission.

The decision of the judging panel is final and will not be subject to challenge by an entrant or other parties.

What happens after I submit?

After submissions close the Judges will review your applications, shortlist successful projects or re-categorise projects if they are more appropriate fit in a different category. Once shortlisting is complete, the Institute coordinates the site inspections with the judging panels.

When will my submission be judged?

The judging period is scheduled for September and October. There are plans to transition this year’s judging process back to the physical judging like previous years. Should physical judging not be permitted due to health restrictions or guidelines, the judges will then be utilising virtual tours supplied with submissions along with virtual presentations from the Project Teams to complete the judging process. Shortlisted entrants will be notified in August on what the judging process will be.

Can we change the date of our site inspection?

No. Changes to the site inspection date and time are not permitted under any circumstances. It is strongly recommended that you block out the judging period in all key company representative’s diaries in advance to ensure the right people (i.e. CEO, Chairman, Development Manager, Project Lead etc) are available.

Can I be disqualified?

Yes. Under no circumstances should an entrant be in contact with or approach a member of the judge’s panel outside the hour of their scheduled site inspection. Should the Institute be made aware of such behaviour, your entry will be disqualified immediately.

When will the finalists and winners be announced?

The 2023 UDIA Victoria Awards for Excellence shortlisted entrants will be announced in August.

Winners and Finalists will be announced at the Gala Lunch and Ceremony on Friday, 29 November 2024. More details to be announced soon!

Do you save me tickets at the ceremony if i enter?

Tickets are not allocated to entrants. You must purchase your own ticket(s). It is strongly recommended you purchase ticket(s) to the ceremony at the same time as you pay for your submission.

If I win, can I get more trophies and certificates?

Each winning development will receive a trophy plus a certificate for all the consultants involved in the winning project. Additional trophies and certificates can be ordered following the Awards for Excellence ceremony via the UDIA and winners will be notified via email immediately after with instructions on how to do so.

Who do I contact for more information?

Awards Team
Ph: 03 9832 9600