UDIA Victoria

The Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) was established in 1975 and is the peak membership body for the urban development sector.

The Victorian division of the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA Victoria) is a non-profit, peak industry body. We are supported by a membership of land use and residential property development organisations, across the private sector and Victoria’s public service.

Since 1975, UDIA Victoria has given industry a voice in the policy-making process. We tackle the issues having the biggest impact on Victoria’s liveability – spanning topics such as the planning system, housing affordability, infrastructure, sustainability, employment and the economy.

Our suite of research and education initiatives ensures the urban development industry is best-placed to meet Victoria’s housing, employment, and social needs.

Our events and annual awards program connect and celebrate the people who breathe life into Victoria’s urban heartbeat.

Since 1975, UDIA Victoria has given industry a voice in the policy-making process.

Our Values

Trusted by governments, regulators, industry, media and the public.

Celebrate the good, hard work of Victoria’s urban development industry.

Engage in genuine collaboration to yield positive community outcomes.

Work that makes a meaningful impact.

Ethical conduct, and respect for people and the environment.

Embrace innovation while maintaining respect for our history. 

UDIA Victoria Constitution

UDIA Victoria’s Constitution guides and governs the business and activities of UDIA Victoria.

Click here to access the UDIA Victoria Constitution.

2020 Amendment to the UDIA Victoria Constitution

UDIA Victoria is governed by a Company Constitution (2018).  An amendment to this Constitution was distributed to the membership on three occasions in FY19/20 along with the draft Constitution, proposing the adoption of the revised Constitution to achieve the inclusion of additional special measures to address the conduct of UDIA Victorian members. 

This amendment was included as an item of special business at the UDIA Victoria 2020 Annual General Meeting held on Friday 28 August 2020, where members were given the opportunity to vote.  Members voted in favour and the amendment was accepted.  

Members will accordingly be bound by the amendment and UDIA Victoria will have a greater ability to manage members that have engaged in conduct detrimental to the interests of the urban development industry and in breach of the UDIA Member Code of Conduct.