Mentor Program

Fast-track your career with the UDIA Mentoring Program. Designed for Property Industry Professionals

Mentoring Program Overview

In the guided group mentoring sessions you will explore a range of relevant topics with a senior industry professional. Participants will have the opportunity to broaden industry networks as well as learn new skills and gain the knowledge required to progress as tomorrow’s leaders.

The UDIA has brought together an exemplary group of senior professionals to volunteer as mentors.

The peer mentoring format allows participants to benefit from the knowledge of the mentor but also the other early career professionals within your group.

Who is it for?

We invite early career professionals from across all disciplines and backgrounds with ideally 3-5 years of experience in the property industry. Participants do not need to be UDIA members.

How long does it take?

The UDIA Mentoring Program kicks off at the launch event in November and concludes at the closing event in June. After the launch event, the program will consist of six sessions, which are scheduled with your Mentor over 6-7 months. The group session times will be discussed as a group and scheduled by your Mentor.

Program Objectives

The broad objective of the program is to empower and build the confidence, knowledge and skills of early career professionals. More specifically, the objectives are:

  • To create connections in the industry, build relationships and networks
  • To develop leadership skills, and build confidence in the capacity of mentees
  • To help participants develop their career goals
  • To promote connections between senior leaders in the industry and early career professionals
  • To share knowledge between participants and provide a platform for mentees to discuss barriers, experience gaps, career concerns and opportunities for progression

Next Steps

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