Conditions of Entry

The UDIA applies the following Conditions of Entry with regards to the Awards for Excellence Program:

The UDIA applies the following Conditions of Entry with regards to the Awards for Excellence Program:

  • Information provided on this website form the Conditions of Entry
  • Any material supplied with the entry may be used by UDIA and reproduced in media releases, publications and promotional materials by UDIA or as authorised by UDIA
  • The entrant indemnifies the UDIA against any claims of copyright
  • The decision on the judging panel is final and will not be subject to any challenge by any entrant
  • The person nominated on the entry form (‘the entrant’) is authorised to sign the declaration
  • The entrant has read and understands the guidelines and conditions of entry and agrees to participate in accordance with them
  • Entrants are to abide by the UDIA Code of Conduct
  • Not all Victorian Award winners are guaranteed entry into the UDIA National Awards Program.
  • Entrants agree to provide virtual Award Entry upon request by the Judges should Government restrictions on gathering be re-introduced.
  • Please note that entrant and/or developer details provided in the submission will be added to the UDIA Victoria database


 UDIA members agree to rigorous professional standards by observing the highest levels by professional conduct.

A UDIA Member Will:

  • Demonstrate ethical principles and observe the highest standards of integrity and honesty in all professional and personal dealings.
  • Uphold and promote the reputation of UDIA and not misuse authority of office for personal gain.
  • Respect the confidentiality of information given to the member in the course of UDIA’s work.
  • Engage in continued learning to maintain and improve professional skills and competence within the industry and promote innovation and excellence in practice.
  • Strive to achieve environmentally, economically and socially sustainable development.
  • Show respect for the rights of consumers and maintain the public’s confidence and trust in the development industry.