As a nationally recognised certification and branding system that is now in its 11th year, ED provides a critical edge for developers looking to differentiate their properties and achieve better business returns.

EnviroDevelopment (ED) is UDIA’s scientifically-based rating system that recognises leading-edge environmental outcomes across six areas of sustainability: water, ecosystems, community, waste, materials and energy. Developments that achieve certification in one or more of the sustainable elements are awarded the corresponding ED symbol to use across their marketing and advertising materials, which UDIA advises home buyers to look for.

The ED program was formulated over several years, when UDIA undertook a rigorous process of in-depth research in consultation with members and sustainability experts including scientists, engineers, professors, ecologists, architects, lawyers, economists and developers. 10 years on – we have certified over 120 projects nationally. 



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Why is it needed?

A growing awareness of environmental concerns, rapid population growth and exciting advances in science and technology have placed sustainable urban development firmly on the public agenda.

In recognition of consumer demand and the urgent need to hasten the uptake of sustainable development, the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) has developed the ground-breaking environmental branding system – EnviroDevelopment.

The EnviroDevelopment framework is based on recognition of high achievement across a wide range of development types and situations. It has been structured to encourage innovation and incentives to ensure that the best environmental solutions are being used today, for a better tomorrow.


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An evolution of the EnviroDevelopment program was launched in early 2019.

UDIA Victoria worked closely with UDIA QLD (the owners of the EnviroDevelopment Program), to develop and agree an improved governance and delivery model for the program within the organisation.

A National UDIA Technical Standards Review was conducted under the leadership of UDIA QLD and in consultation with State based Taskforces comprised of stakeholders.  The revised Standards were implemented in early 2019.

A new website and marketing material has been launched with a focus on ensuring users are provided with essential customer facing material, to explain and promote the benefits of EnviroDevelopment to homebuyers and property users.

The governance structure of the EnviroDevelopment Program has changed significantly from 2019.  Instead of state-based assessment boards a UDIA National EnviroDevelopment Program Accreditation Board has been appointed to undertake the assessment of all national certifications and recertifications.  This National ED Board will be comprised of representatives from all participating states and will be charged with achieving consistency of assessment across all projects nationally.  We believe that by streamlining the assessment of projects around the country we will deliver an even more rigorous assessment model, whilst still retaining the very important local input by having state appointed representatives.

EnviroDevelopment National Board Members:

Sarah Macoun - Partner, HopgoodGanim
Andrew Sly - Executive Director, Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works
Graham Marshall - Trustee, Balance of Earth Trust and Stock Foundation
Leanne Weekes - Senior Associate, Minter Elliso
Nelson Wills - Director, New Ground Environmental
Peter Egerton - Urban Design/Masterplanning, RPS Australia Asia Pacific
Tammy Berghofer - Real Estate Lawyer, Minter Ellison
James Coutts - Executive Director, Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning
Aaron Organ - Director, Ecology and Heritage Partners
Steve Dunn - Executive Director, Victoria Planning Authority
Mark Taylor - Principle, Josh Byrne and Associates
Lex Barnett - Managing Director, Taylor Burrell Barnett

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UDIA National EnviroDevelopment Board Victorian Representatives:


Paul Cassidy - Director - Outer Melbourne, Victorian Planning Authority

Aaron Organ - Director, Ecology & Heritage Partners

Key contacts:

Angela Gaedke, UDIA Victoria Director Strategic Projects: (angela@udiavic.com.au) or 03 9832 9600
Taylor Hood, UDIA National EnviroDevelopment Manager: (thood@udiaqld.com.au) or 07 3233 2711



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