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11 Sep 2020

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Victorian Government’s roadmap to reopening.

Sunday’s release of the Victorian Government’s Roadmap to Reopening demonstrates a vote of confidence in the building, construction and development industry and provides confirmation that industry can increase its activity significantly from 28 September, dependent on case numbers remaining low.

Key points for industry:

  • Stage 4 restrictions (with minor easing) extended until 28 September.
  • From 28 September – subject to case numbers averaging 30-50 cases per day – the building, construction and development industry can increase its activity levels as follows:
    • Large scale construction projects: Workforce limit can increase to the higher of 85% of baseline workforce, or 15 workers.
    • Small scale construction projects: Specialist contractors can move up to five sites per week, with a maximum of two per day.
    • Early stage land development projects: Density restrictions will ease, allowing 20 workers per hectare
  • Display homes, land sales offices, sales suites and inspections are currently closed completely in Metro Melbourne and open by appointment only in regional Victoria. These settings cannot reopen until 26 October at best. UDIA Victoria is calling for this date to be brought forward to 28 September, when we are advocating they should be able to re-open on an appointment basis.

    Click here to read our joint letter to the Premier urging him to safely bring forward the reopening of display homes, land sales offices, sales suites and inspections.

Important Government guidance for each project setting.

Watch CEO Danni Hunter on ABC News Breakfast

More advocacy in action on realestate.com.au

Advocacy win: Vacant Residential Land Tax waived. 

Treasurer Tim Pallas has announced the Government will waive the Vacant Residential Land Tax for properties that are vacant in 2020.

With travel restrictions in place and property inspections not currently possible, many properties are vacant that would be otherwise occupied. The initiative will save property owners a combined $6 million and is an important change that is the result of close consultation with Victoria’s property industry.

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Evictions and rental increases banned.

The Victorian Government is extending the eviction moratorium until 28 March 2021.

Under legislation introduced to Parliament this week, evictions will continue to be banned for residential tenancies, except in certain circumstances, until that date. Rental increases will continue to be banned for the same period.

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Valuations of land.

The State Revenue Office website now clarifies that while the Commissioner is prepared to receive letters of appraisal as evidence of value for duty purposes, there are circumstances when more information or a formal valuation may be required in addition to a letter of appraisal.

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New report: Economic impacts of COVID-19 on the City of Melbourne

The City of Melbourne has released economic modelling on the impacts of COVID-19 on Melbourne and Victoria.

With three modelled scenarios, the report finds that over the next five years:

  • Our economy will be heavily impacted, with economic output down by up to $110 billion.
  • Jobs will be lost, down by up to 79,000 as an annual average.
  • Melbourne’s economy will likely be the hardest hit in Australia, and that our economic recovery could be slow, with prolonged public health measures in place into 2021.

Access the CoM report.

Understanding the likely depth and duration of the economic downturn will help guide our ongoing efforts in Melbourne’s recovery.

Our CEO Danni Hunter has been appointed as a member of the City of Melbourne Economic Recovery Advisory Board and will be representing UDIA Victoria and our members through this important work.

R U OK? Day may be over – but the time to ask the question and talk to each other about life’s ups and downs is not. 

If you feel like something’s not quite the same with someone you know – there’s something going on in their life, or you notice a change in what they’re saying or doing – trust that gut instinct and take the time to ask them “Are you OK?”

If someone says they’re having a tough time, make time to listen, encourage action and check in. That conversation really could change, or even save, their life.

You don’t have to be an expert to keep the conversation going. Click below for resources to help you know what to say. Download resources at R U OK?

Draft land development revenue ruling.

The draft land development revenue ruling sets out the actions and activities that the Commissioner considers will constitute land development for the purpose of the Duties Act 2000.

UDIA Victoria has concerns that the proposed public ruling will result in a very broad concept of ‘land development’, which has the potential to impose double duty on as many nominations as possible. 

UDIA Victoria is discussing the matter with the SRO and making a submission.

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Sustainable Subdivision Framework.

The Sustainable Subdivisions Framework was launched on 2 September 2020 with the aim of mitigating the impacts of a fundamentally changing climate to create subdivisions that can adapt to the changing climate.

Over an 18-month period, councils across the state are conducting a voluntary trial of the Framework. Through this process councils will have the opportunity to upskill statutory planners to provide an assessment of subdivision applications against the Framework, to collect data on its application, receive feedback and communicate the benefits to the community in the process.

At this stage, UDIA Victoria can provide general support for the goal of the initiative, and we welcome the 18-month voluntary opt-in trial period, which will give industry opportunity to engage with the Framework and provide feedback through the process.  We encourage members take up the opportunity to participate to ensure our industry has can provide meaningful feedback.

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Telecommunication in New Developments policy.

The Federal Government has released a new Telecommunication in New Developments (TIND) policy – which outlines developers’ and nbn’s responsibilities to deliver telecommunications infrastructure to new developments in Australia. The policy came into effect on 1 September 2020.

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Complimentary EnviroDevelopment Audit.

See how your project stacks up. 

Ever wondered how sustainable your project really is? Find out with a complimentary EnviroDevelopment Audit.

The EnviroDevelopment team will assess your project and advise what level of certification you may be eligible to achieve. 

Certified projects provide a point of difference in the marketplace and provide evidence to the community, potential home buyers, and investors that your project is sustainable.

Email us to arrange a free audit.

Learn about EnviroDevelopment.

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