Weekly wrap: Expanded list of specialist contractors, a new fast track program & renewed commitment to Streamlining for Growth.

21 Aug 2020

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Advocacy win: Updated Workplace Directions in better result for industry. 

In a win for our industry, the ‘early stage land development’ definition in the updated COVID-19 Workplace Directions has been expanded to include industrial, mixed-use and other development.

In another win, the list of specialist contractors has been expanded so more specialists can attend three worksites per week. This is really important for land development consultants and finishing trades.

This is the result of hard work undertaken on the weekend with the Chief Medical Officer and Department of Jobs to further refine the Stage 4 directions  that apply to the building, construction and development industry.

The updated version of the Workplace (Additional Industry Obligations) Directions came into force at 11.59pm 16 August 2020.

Learn more in our industry alert here.

Industry win: New VPA Fast Track program. 

The Minister for Planning has given the Victorian Planning Authority the go-ahead to set up a Fast Track Program overseen by a Standing Advisory Committee.

The program will fast track a list of 19 planning and infrastructure projects to unlock a targeted 89,200 homes and 107,340 jobs across Victoria.

This is great news for the urban development industry and follows the important fast track work undertaken by the Building Victoria’s Recovery Taskforce.

It is another positive sign that our industry in collaboration with government has proven that a faster, more rapid approach to planning and development approvals is possible, and this should become the norm rather than the exception.

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Pause on evictions extended and further land tax reductions. 

The Victorian Government will extend a ban on evictions and rental increases until the end of the year, increase assistance and ensure tenant turnover is taken into account in rental negotiations.

Under the extension, evictions will continue to be banned for both residential and commercial tenancies until December 31, except in specific circumstances. Rental increases continue to be banned for the same period.

Residential and commercial tenants and landlords will also be able to take advantage of more support, including further land tax reductions.

Residential and commercial landlords may be eligible for an increased land tax discount – now up to 50 per cent – doubled from the earlier 25 per cent. 

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Streamlining for Growth program renewed.

Government’s Streamlining for Growth program, which is run by the VPA, has been renewed for the 20/21 financial year.  The program’s renewal is a solid government commitment towards accelerating the delivery of land to market and streamlining post-PSP approvals.

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Millions in stamp duty savings for first homebuyers.

UDIA Victoria commends the State Government on helping thousands of first homebuyers save on significant stamp duty costs over the past financial year.

Between 1 July 2019 and 30 June 2020, more than 40,000 first home buyers saved a collective $724 million in stamp duty across the state, with the local government areas of Casey, Wyndham and Hume recording the highest number of waivers and concessions.

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2020 UDIA Victoria Awards for Excellence: Entry deadline extended to 18 September. 

Given the huge impact of Stage 3 and 4 restrictions across Victoria, the 2020 UDIA Awards for Excellence entry deadline has been extended.


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