UDIA Victoria Takes The Pulse Of The Membership To Drive Change In 2019

16 Nov 2018

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Recently, UDIA Victoria surveyed our members in an effort to better understand the current industry climate and the role UDIA needs to play to help our members manage and grow their business.

The survey provided UDIA Victoria with a barometer of current levels of satisfaction amongst the membership, and highlighted key areas of focus for the UDIA team, including preferred methods of member communications, industry priorities for advocacy and areas of improvement in member services.

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The big picture

  • 38 separate Victorian member companies were represented in the survey results
  • 71% survey respondents hold a management/director position within their company
  • Over 50% of respondent companies have 100+ employees

Our members core business activity

  • 60% – Development/Development Finance
  • 9% – Banking
  • 6% – Transport/Infrastructure Remaining
  • 35% – Building/Contractor; Surveyor; Engineering; Town Planning; Real Estate; Urban Design and Utility Provider

What development sectors do our members operate in

  • 80% – Masterplanned Communities
  • 76% – Medium Density
  • 74% – Land Development
  • 61% – Mixed Use Development
  • 55% – Commercial Development

Most valued member benefits

  • Representation to Government, policy and advocacy
  • Events and Networking
  • Access to research, market intelligence, resources and publications
  • Brand enhancement and credibility

A place to connect and learn

  • 64 % of respondents see UDIA as a core provider of professional development to our industry
  • 97% of respondents prefer to meet and engage with other members at networking events
  • 90% of respondents receive and read our fortnightly Industry News e-newsletter

Top 7 advocacy policies for 2019 – as told by you

  1. Planning system reform
  2. Housing affordability
  3. Infrastructure delivery
  4. Land supply pipeline
  5. Post PSP process reform
  6. Activating urban renewal precincts
  7. Housing diversity

A significant return on investment

  • 100% see a level of value in their membership investment from a little to a great deal
  • 100% plan to continue their membership in FY20 and beyond

Key survey insights

  • A need to focus on our female board representation and increase diversity initiatives
  • Grow our media visibility and activity to continue to advocate for industry
  • Focus on streamlining member communications
  • Grow our industry development professional development offerings