A new approach to delivering affordable housing in Victoria.

22 Oct 2020

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UDIA Victoria has presented to the Affordable Housing Industry Advisory Group (AHIAG), proposing a new, innovative approach to the delivery of affordable housing across Victoria.

Drawing from our Preliminary Submission to the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Planning Mechanisms for Affordable Housing, and our Addendum to the Preliminary Submission, UDIA Victoria chief executive Danni Hunter briefed AHIAG on the possible models and options we have examined to facilitate the supply of affordable housing.

The presentation explores three key proposals:

  • a low, flat rate, broad-based Affordable Housing Contribution; similar to the Fire Services Levy; transitioned over a period not less than 5 years, to replace all other affordable housing provisions;

Affordable housing delivery targets, supported by an Affordable Housing Delivery Toolkit of funding and incentive measures that can be applied to fund the gap between the cost of delivering and the Affordable Housing Contribution; and