Smart Planning Update

13 Sep 2018

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It’s been a busy couple of months for DELWP’s Smart Planning Department! Keep reading for an update on their activities, including Permits Online, ATS Authoring and the Smart Planning Roadshow.

Permits Online – A Platform for the Future
On 13 August Permits Online went live, with the ability to lodge, pay for, track and process applications for Ministerial Permits. The system is already being used by external applicants who have been providing lodgements, and will be expanded upon in the future to manage other types of permit applications.

ATS Authoring now live for DELWP staff
In June this year, as part of the Smart Planning Program’s aim to deliver a suite of modern digital tools, Smart Planning introduced the Amendment Tracking System (ATS). The new online system allows users to lodge, track and pay for planning scheme amendment requests online.  

The next step in ATS is to allow users to draft planning scheme amendments through a seamlessly integrated system known as ATS Authoring.

ATS Authoring went live on 3 September for DELWP users after migration of the Victoria Planning Provisions (VPP) to the digital database. From now on, all VC amendments will be drafted online using this system. This is a huge step towards a fully digital planning system for the State.

DELWP will be migrating Local Planning Schemes (LPS) to the database on a scheduled basis between October 2018 and May 2019 with monthly rollouts to groups of local councils.

Smart Planning Roadshow
The Smart Planning Roadshow is well and truly underway. DELWP have now been ‘on the road’ for two weeks, as they present to local councils on what they have delivered in Stage 2 of Smart Planning, with a focus on the detail behind VC148, and looking forward into Stage 3 and how they are going to work closely with councils.

To read more about the Smart Planning Program, please see here