Media Release: A hard day for 300,000 Victorians working in construction

4 Aug 2020

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UDIA Victoria Media Release

Hundreds of thousands of Victorians working in the state’s building, construction and development industry are in need of a major support package from the Andrews Government following today’s announcement of stage 4 restrictions, says the Victorian Division of the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA Victoria).

“We know why we have to scale down. We all need to play a part to beat this virus.  Our industry stands with Victorians and the State Government during this crisis,” said UDIA Victoria chief executive Danni Hunter.

“UDIA Victoria has worked tirelessly over recent days to demonstrate that the building, construction and development industry can safely stay open during stage 4 restrictions. We have been successful in securing the confidence of the Victorian Government that we can keep working, although at a drastically reduced level of activity,” said Ms Hunter.

“Construction and development is the lifeblood of our economy. It employs 300,000 Victorians and is fundamental to our ability to get through the COVID crisis and emerge on the other side,” said Ms Hunter.

“Suffocating the output of this industry will have deep and long-lasting impacts on many, many families and the Victorian economy.”

UDIA Victoria is working hard to gain clarity and negotiate fine detail with the State Government before stage 4 restrictions that will dramatically reduce the industry’s output, come into force Friday night.

“We will be making the case for extended worksite hours to keep projects viable and keep more workers employed.

“We will be seeking clarity on how the ‘small-scale’ project requirements apply to a land development site and implications for site preparations and civil works,” said Ms Hunter.

The peak industry association warns that HomeBuilder is now under a cloud in Victoria, with major delays anticipated in delivering new housing within the timeframe required due to the increased restrictions.

“The building, construction and development industry now has to slow to a snail’s pace. We know why we have to do it, but it will be detrimental to our industry, to homebuyers, and to the Victorian economy,” she said.

“Sadly, these restrictions will put 300,000 Victorian jobs at very real risk of disappearing. It will put many residential and commercial construction projects at risk of being shut down completely without real government support.”

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