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  • Where can I find my Invoice and Account Number?

    To locate your Invoice and Account Number please open your Membership Invoice and refer to the Invoice guide by clicking here


    By applying for membership of the UDIA, my company agrees to abide by the below professional standards of conduct:

    • Demonstrate ethical principles and observe the highest standards of integrity and honesty in all professional and personal dealings.
    • Uphold and promote the reputation of UDIA and not misuse authority of office for personal gain.
    • Respect the confidentiality of information given to the member in the course of UDIA’s work.
    • Engage in continued learning to maintain and improve professional skills and competence within the industry and promote innovation and excellence in practice.
    • Strive to achieve environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable development.
    • Show respect for the rights of consumers and maintain the public’s confidence and trust in the development industry.

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