Development Victoria achieves ED Certification for Taylors Quarter

31 Aug 2020

Taylors Quarter, located in Taylors Lakes in Melbourne’s North-Western suburbs, is one of the many projects currently being delivered by Development Victoria, and the latest to receive EnviroDevelopment certification for its commitment to sustainable design.

As a State Government Authority tasked with making Victoria a great place to live, Development Victoria builds homes and creates public spaces throughout the state to help meet the needs of growing communities.

In December of 2019 Taylors Quarter received certification for all six elements within UDIA’s Residential Subdivision category. Drawing on the expertise of project consultants (SMEC, Cundall and GHD) in the incorporation of sustainable design principles, Development Victoria has developed a range of sustainable initiatives to exceed EnviroDevelopment requirements in several key areas.

While the community park is still in its design phase, there are plans to incorporate renewable energy to assist in supplementing power for the park’s lighting and facilities. The site promotes sustainable transport options for residents and visitors, while also integrating Water Sensitive Urban Design principles into the streetscapes and open spaces, including passive irrigation, a community orchard and drought tolerant native planting.

With civil construction well underway, and all 149 standard land lots now sold, this project will help to shape the future of the Taylors Lakes community, providing outdoor spaces and a variety of benefits for a broad cross-section of the community.

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