Residential Development Award – More than 250 lots Quay2 | Intrapac Property

12 Apr 2022

Designed to be appropriate to its Torquay setting, Quay2 compliments its adjoining Intrapac development: The Quay.

Purchasers will join an established and inclusive community located within walking distance of a range of amenities. As you would expect it offers a large open space network, attractive streetscapes and a carefully planned lot layout that optimises views and site orientation, but also provides a mix of traditional housing lots and apartments and townhouses.

The townhomes and apartments are designed to minimise energy consumption and environmental impact and their solar energy systems are linked to an app that allows homeowners to monitor the energy collected and used by the home.

Sales have been exceptional due to the quality of the development and Melbourne buyers seeking a sea change particularly during the pandemic with many sales being conducted remotely.

Quay2 is an excellent development complimenting what Torquay has to offer.