Latest Construction Activity Update – Circuit Breaker Shut Down

12 Feb 2021

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An important update from Acting CEO Angela Gaedke

Dear Members and Community

Strict Full Shut Down – Circuit Breaker Sector Closure – Construction will be on Pause for 5 Days

The current advice coming from Government is that the 5 Day Circuit Breaker sector closure means unless your project or works are under the list of State Critical Infrastructure Projects or Critical & Essential Infrastructure Projects, you are instructed to shut down for 5 days. Activity will be allowed to make sites safe and secure over the coming days and no permits are required for this to happen.

The former permit system under Stage 4 will not be introduced for the circuit breaker period.

Real estate inspections and auctions will be restricted to online. 


Under the published summary of restrictions, essential construction services work will be permitted to continue for critical infrastructure work, including road construction services.

This means essential work can continue on:

  1. Projects that have already been listed as ‘State Critical Infrastructure Projects’ or ‘Critical and Essential Infrastructure Projects’ (lists at
  2. Construction and maintenance for the purposes of national security and defence, and
  3. Critical infrastructure including road construction services.

The expectation is that few activities will meet these criteria and other construction will be paused in a safe manner. 

Any further permitted activity would only be considered in highly exceptional circumstances where urgently required for the purposes of sustaining human health, safety and wellbeing.

These restrictions impose stronger limits on construction activity than the 5 August 2020 Stage 4 restrictions. This reflects that the Circuit Breaker Action is intended to be a shorter, sharper lockdown with fewer exceptions. Please click here to view the Table of Restrictions.

Please reach out to me direct for any clarification or to provide feedback.


“This is the first time in the pandemic that our industry has been completely shut down, despite demonstrating throughout 2020 that we are able to stay open and safe.

“The consequences of a complete shutdown will be significant and far reaching, with both a significant financial and human cost.

“These are heavier restrictions on Victoria’s development, building and construction industry than we had at the peak of the pandemic.

“We understand this is a necessary measure for our State to successfully break the circuit of transmission in a short period of time.

“However, if the lockdown is extended, we expect this level of restriction would ease for our industry based on the successful compliance and operations demonstrated by both employees and employers throughout 2020”.

Kind regards

Angela Gaedke
Acting Chief Executive Officer


UDIA Victoria circulates direction provided to us by Government to assist members make decisions and form their own view about how this applies to their business.

Through our engagement with Government, we seek the information and answers we know our industry wants and needs, however we do not always receive the clarity that our industry would like.

We will always communicate the information we obtain from Government in the clearest and most accurate way possible for our members. However, it is incumbent on our members to take this information and seek further clarity from the Victorian Government if you are unsure about anything.

Published Victorian Government Guidance on Business Victoria Coronavirus and DHHS websites: