UDIA Victoria and Jinding Women in Leadership Award | Alicia Davidge from Lendlease

23 Mar 2021

Since Alicia commenced as a graduate in our industry, she has always advocated for gender equality. Alicia found it tough when she first started in the development industry as it was very male dominated. She was often the only female in the room and had to work hard to prove herself and earn the respect of others. Alicia commented that when she looks back over her career journey and to where she is today, she could have easily given up in those early days but continued to persevere as she knew that our industry needed it.  

Today Alicia feels so proud that she has been part of paving the way for another generation of women to succeed in our industry. She loves managing teams and takes great pride in providing an environment where her team members can grow, develop and be successful in creating their footprint on our industry.