Masterplanned Development Award Woodlea | Victoria Investments & Property (VIP) and Mirvac

12 Apr 2022

Spanning 711 hectares, Woodlea differentiates itself from similar projects by their accelerated development of facilities for their residents.  

Employment can be accessed by a short walk or community bus ride to the recently developed Rockbank rail station. Further employment is available at Caroline Springs and Woodlea’s own town centre which incorporates a 3600 square metre supermarket, retail stores, gyms and a medical centre. In 2019 they opened the Bacchus Marsh grammar school; the Aintree primary school and a government secondary school is expected to open in 2024.

The community has several sporting and community groups sustainably run by residents, including cricket, tennis, table tennis, and soccer clubs. 

The difference between this and other project partly lies in the different management structure put in place by VIP, and Mirvac. They have averaged 550 sales per year and are eight years ahead of their target dates.