Judges’ Award – Metropolitan Melbourne | Napier St Social Housing Redevelopment by Unison Housing

23 Mar 2021

The Napier Street Housing Development is a carefully managed redevelopment of a run-down block of 17 small units into 54 brand new self-contained social housing apartments.  

While the judges were deeply impressed by the manner in which Unison operate; providing services to people without other options, and not cherry-picking residents; it was the quality of what was produced and the efficiency of the project that made it stand above most other developments. 

Unison Housing were able to finish the project on an extremely tight budget and ahead of schedule. They have achieved a well-designed and attractive development with a focus on residents’ wellbeing and quality of life, with great natural light and airflow, a large communal area and outdoor garden, high standard energy efficiency, accessible facilities, and enhanced safety measures.