UDIA is in constant communication with its members, key industry stakeholders and all levels of government in order to develop our policy positions and undertake various reports and submissions on behalf of the Victorian urban development industry.


Recent UDIA submissions and policy positions 


September 2020
- Submission: Building System Review early initiatives 
- Submission: Delivery timeframes for passive open space
- Joint Letter: Support for extending permits - Minister for Local Government
- Joint Letter: Support for extending permits - Planning Minister
UDIA Victoria Submission: Electronic signing of contracts and deeds

August 2020
UDIA Victoria Submission: Strategic Extractive Resource Areas Pilot Project
UDIA Victoria Submission: Draft Arden Structure Plan
UDIA Victoria Submission: ESC electricity connections to new developments
- UDIA Victoria Submission: City of Greater Geelong’s draft Saleyards Precinct Strategy
- UDIA Victoria Submission: City of Greater Bendigo’s draft Public Open Space Contributions Policy

July 2020
- UDIA Victoria Research: The Hidden Cost of Housing 
- Joint UDIA Victoria Submission: SRO & Commonwealth Government HomeBuilder Package 
- UDIA Victoria Submission: Strategic Development Areas Infrastructure Contributions System 
- Joint UDIA Victoria, ALDE Submission: Impact of Gas Connection Policy on Land Development, Housing Supply and House Prices

JUNE 2020

- UDIA Victoria Submission: City of Monash draft Affordable Housing Strategy 

- UDIA Victoria Submission: City of Kingston draft Affordable Housing Strategy 
- UDIA Victoria Submission: 
Draft Pako Street and Gordon Avenue Urban Design Framework
- Affordable Housing Industry Advisory Group Submission: Social and economic stimulus for affordable housing
- UDIA Victoria Submission: 
Moreland Planning Scheme Amendment C190 – Better Outcomes for Two Dwellings on a Lot 
- UDIA Victoria Submission: Distinctive Areas and Landscapes Program – Bellarine Peninsula
- UDIA Victoria Submission: Implementation of the Melbourne Industrial and Commercial Land Use Plan

MAY 2020

- UDIA Victoria Submission: Post-Permit Fast Track Process - Timely electricity connections for new developments
- UDIA Victoria Plan: Roadmap to Recovery

- Joint industry association letter: Time to Reopen Display Homes, Lands Sales Offices, Sales Suites and Open-for-Inspections
- Submission re: City of Melbourne Affordable Housing Strategy
- Submission re: City of Greater Geelong Residential Zones

APRIL 2020

- Letter re: COVID-19 – Temporary Moratorium on Residential Development Levies and Policy Changes 
- Letter: Help VCAT to keep $3.5b in project value moving 

- Building better apartments in neighbourhoods, Discussion Paper: UDIA Victoria response with attachments


-Letter re: Pre-budget Submission 2020
-Submission re: Pre-budget 2020
-Submission re: Infrastructure Contribution Plan System for Greenfield Development Settings

-Letter re: Distinctive Areas and Landscape Program
Submission re: Ministerial Advisory Committee on Planning Mechanisms for Affordable Housing

Letter re: Environment Protection Act 2018 | Environment Protection Regulations and Environment Reference Standards
- Submission re: Review into Victoria’s Building and Planning Approvals Process and Early Building Works Infrastructure, Discussion Paper

Submission re: Planning Mechanisms for Affordable Housing
Submission re: Building Better Apartments in Neighbourhoods 
Letter re: Melbourne Strategic Assessment (Environment Mitigation Levy) Bill 2019
Letter re: Building Amendment (Cladding Rectification) Bill 2019

Policy Position re: Build to Rent  

Submission re: Red Tape Review (Planning and Building Approvals Process Review)

MARCH 2019
Proposed Planning Scheme Amendment C308: Central City and Southbank Urban Design 

Proposed Planning Scheme Amendment C309 re: West Melbourne Structure Plan
- 2019-20 Pre-Budget Recommendations, UDIA Submission

- ESC Enquiry into electricity connections: Brownfied Sites- UDIA Submission

- Proposed Planning Scheme Amendment C308: Central City and Southbank Urban Design- UDIA Submission

JULY 2018
- Inquiry into the proposed long-term lease of the land titles and registry functions of Land Use Victoria 

JUNE 2018
ESC Enquiry into electricity connections- UDIA submission
- Inquiry into the proposed long-term lease of the land titles and registry functions of Land Use Victoria- UDIA submission
Geelong Settlement Strategy- UDIA Submission

MAY 2018 
- Garden Area Requirements, Amendment VC143 - UDIA Policy Position
- 2018-19 Victoria State Budget - UDIA Summary Sheet
- ESC Water Price Review- Coliban Water - UDIA Submission
- UDIA Victoria Presentation to Planning Panels on Fishermans Bend
- UDIA Victoria to SRO regarding GAIC certificate delays
- ESC Western Water Draft Decision- UDIA submission 

APRIL 2018
- 2018-19 Pre-Budget Recommendations - UDIA Submission

- Revocation of Planning Scheme Amendments- UDIA Policy Position 

- Native Vegetation Rules- UDIA Policy Position
- Smart Planning Discussion Paper- UDIA Submission 
- Draft Plan Greater Bendigo- UDIA Victoria Northern Chapter Submission
- Fishermans Bend Draft Framework- UDIA Submission 
- Changes to Bushfire Management Rules- UDIA Policy Position
- Garden Area Requirements- UDIA Submission 


- Post-PSP Inefficiencies- Confidential
- Water Price Review Process- UDIA Northern Chapter Submission 

- Land Use Victoria 5-Day Subdivision Registration Process- UDIA Submission 
- Advancing Land-Use Planning Approaches to Facilitate Affordable Housing- Discussion Paper

- Geelong Settlement Strategy- UDIA Submission
- Aboriginal Heritage Regulations Review- UDIA Submission
- Interim Report of the Liberal National Coalition's Victorian Population Policy- UDIA Submission 

- Working Draft: Garden Space Area Requirements- UDIA Submission  
Building Regulations Sunset Review- UDIA Letter of Submission 
- Planning and Building Legislation Amendment (Housing Affordability) Bill 2017- UDIA Submission
- Planning for Golf in Victoria- UDIA Submission
- City of Greater Bendigo Housing Strategy Implementation Plan- UDIA Submission 

JULY 2017
- Making Growth Areas Infrastructure Contributions (GAIC) work - UDIA Policy Position

MAY 2017
- Plan Bendigo Submission
- Value Capture - UDIA Policy Position 

MARCH 2017
- Strengthening Discretionary Height Provisions - UDIA Policy Position 
Plan Melbourne - UDIA Advocacy Memo

Infrastructure Victoria: Draft 30-year Infrastructure Strategy and Value Capture - UDIA Policy Paper

Better Apartments Draft Design Standards - UDIA submission

JULY 2016
Enabling Arterial Roads Package for Melbourne's Growth Areas - UDIA Policy Position
Better Apartments Discussion Paper - UDIA Submission

JUNE 2016
Regulatory Impact Assessmenent: Review of Planning and Subdivision Fees - UDIA Policy Paper 
Central City Built Form Review Amendment C270 - UDIA Submission 

MAY 2016
Apartment Amenity Design Measures - UDIA Submission


MARCH 2016
Managing Residential Development - 'State of Play' Industry Submission

Plan Melbourne Refresh 2015 - UDIA Submission