• Response to Red Tape Review Discussion Paper


    Response to Red Tape Review Discussion Paper

    The Planning and Building Approvals Process Discussion Paper – driven by the Commissioner for Better Regulation – includes 81 proposed improvements, many relating verbatim to UDIA  advice.

    In our formal response to the Discussion Paper and through our engagement with the Planning Minister and the Treasurer, UDIA Victoria is advocating specifically for the following proposed improvements.

    Part A - Strategic approvals stage
    - Plain English drafting of planning schemes and digital delivery of planning schemes;
    - DELWP notice templates to be re-written in plain English; and
    - Grouping administrative and simple amendments into periodic omnibus amendments.

    Part B - Permit approval process
    - Fully digitise the planning permit application process;
    - Utilise the VCAT short cases list to review Requests for Information;
    - Performance reporting for councils and referral authorities; and
    - Remove simple applications from referral processes.

    Part C - Post-permit approval phase
    - Concierge approach to managing planning permit applications;
    - Streamline the staged GAIC payment system with a goal of a four week timeframe for processing staged payment requests and to roll over SPAs when the GAIC liability has not been triggered in the financial year; 
    - Utilise model S173 agreements for standard infrastructure; and
    - Amend the Electricity Distribution Code to include a performance framework for distributors and set targets for non-standard connections processes.

    Consultation for the Planning and Building Approvals Process Discussion Paper has now closed and submissions are being considered ahead of a final report which will be prepared for the Treasurer and Minister of Planning in coming months. 

    View the UDIA response to the Planning and Building Approvals Process Review Discussion Paper.