• Advocacy in action. Weekly wrap


    Advocacy in action. Weekly wrap

    The Victorian Government has today sworn in a new Crisis Council of senior, coordinating Victorian Government Cabinet Ministers including the Premier and Treasurer.  UDIA Victoria has welcomed the announcement and the Government’s statements that business as usual will not get us through this crisis, and government must respond with urgency.

    Here’s a wrap from this week’s advocacy activities:

    UDIA Victoria have worked diligently this week to put forward our industry’s solutions to Government for keeping the Victorian economy going through the COVID-19 pandemic.

    • We have continued our regular talks with the Premier, Treasurer, Planning Minister and Local Government Minister to raise issues from our membership base, as well as test ideas they are working with about measures which could support the building, construction and development industry during this difficult time. We expect positive announcements to be made in the Planning Portfolio within the next week.
    • We are calling on government to establish a Development Facilitation Unit to triage and prioritise projects across the state. Our call for ‘Shovel-Ready Projects’ delivered us a wealth of responses in just 48 hours, and we collated information across over 200 projects which we have provided to Government as a representation of the deep pipeline of projects that could be activated and brought forward across Victoria.
    • UDIA Victoria’s Committees have hard this week to prepare four advocacy plans across the Tax and Finance, Planning, Greenfield and Apartment and Built Form Committees.  We will be releasing this advocacy plans next week and they will complement the work done through our COVID-19 Action Plan for Government and industry.
    • We have worked with Greenfield land developers and civil contractors, as well as Tier 1 builders and developers to collate videos, photos and information demonstrating measures being put in place on worksites to implement social distancing practises. This information has been funnelled directly to the Premier, Treasurer and Planning Minister and has been critical in making the case to keep worksites open and operating.
    • Following the City of Melbourne’s decision yesterday to extend worksite hours, we have collaborated with Master Builders Victoria to put a call out to all local councils to follow suit. We have written to the Municipal Association of Victoria (attached) as well as the Ministers for Planning and Local Government for them to consider rolling out extended hours across all council areas.
      Click here for more on the City of Melbourne extended worksite hours. 
    • UDIA National has released a critically important advocacy document – Helping Australia Bounce Back, outlining UDIA’s call for Federal Government action to support the building, construction and development industry in the face of COVID-19.
      Click here to visit the UDIA National website.