The Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) exists to support the urban development industry, which includes all organisations involved in creating homes for our current and future communities. It is a nationwide not-for-profit membership organisation, spearheaded by six state/territory divisions that advocate for meaningful housing policy reform in their relevant jurisdiction.
The Victorian division has over 320 member companies. Our purpose is to represent the views, wants and needs of these organisations and of their customers who are everyday Victorian housing owners, aspiring homebuyers, renters and our most vulnerable residents including those eligible for social and affordable housing.

A primary aspect of our role is to educate and engage government and the urban development sector on all issues affecting new residential property, particularly pertaining to affordability and liveability.

All our members benefit from a purposeful policy agenda, effective advocacy activities and highly relevant business services including events, information, news, professional development and networking opportunities. 

Through our policy and advocacy activities, we advise and collaborate with policy-makers on how to tackle urban planning and housing issues. While government officials often bring a high degree of theoretical expertise to the policy-making process, UDIA Victoria offers insight from the industry working on-the-ground to deliver housing across the state. This enables UDIA Victoria to bring practical solutions to the table that translate into tangible and positive outcomes for current and future communities.

Through our diverse range of events, we disseminate timely information, create conection among industry, and celebrate  excellence; helping us to inform and encourage best practice across the urban development sector.

  • secure mutual support, cooperation and fellowship within the urban development industry for the benefit of the industry, it's participants, and the public; 

  • promote social and intellectual fellowship between members of UDIA Vic;

  • promote the advancement and continuous improvement of the urban development industry; 

  • unite developers, builders, financiers, consultants, project managers and real estate agents; 

  • formulate, promote, maintain and enforce ethical standards in connection with the business of urban development; 

  • present submissions and points of view on all matters of interest (whether for all or some members of UDIA Vic) to service utilities, public authorities and government in general whether Federal, State, regional or local;

  • educate and conduct public education programmes, seminars and conferences for the benefit of the public and members of UDIA Vic, in relation to the urban development industry and to carry out research to urban development; and

  • secure and maintain a general acceptance of standard and principles applying to town planning, urban development, land use, business and commercial practices.