Media Release: UDIA Victoria welcomes Affordable Housing Investment Partnership

14 Sep 2023

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Media Release

The Urban Development Institute of Australia, Victoria (UDIA Victoria) welcomes today’s announcement from the State Government on the creation of the Affordable Housing Investment Partnership (AHIP) providing up to $1 billion in additional low-interest loans and government guarantees to support the financing of up to 6,000 new social and affordable homes.

CEO of UDIA Victoria Linda Allison welcomed the partnership as one of many initiatives required to solve housing affordability.

“This is one avenue that will see more homes created for those Victorians struggling to enter the market. We have called for greater uptake of public/private partnerships, and it is welcome news to see this being actively implemented,” said Ms Allison.

UDIA is a strong supporter of partnerships between industry and government to deliver innovative solutions to challenging problems.

“As the housing crisis continues, it is heartening to see the State Government proactively partnering with the private sector to fund and create the housing supply Victorians families are needing, particularly for vulnerable Victorians,” she said.

“It is encouraging to see new investment by some of our most recognised institutions,” said Ms. Allison.

In the leadup to the Victorian Government’s Housing statement, UDIA Victoria is calling for a strong pipeline of supply across Victoria; in the regions, in our newer suburbs and in existing areas.

“It is important to provide Victorians choice in both where they wish to live, and the type of housing they wish to live in. Our industry is the enabler of housing supply, and we stand ready to deliver,” said Ms Allison.


UDIA Victoria: Linda Allison, CEO