Humans of Property: Marnie Dalton

11 Jul 2024

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Marnie Dalton, Director & Business Development Manager – Dalton Consulting Engineers (DCE)

For this instalment of our Humans of Property series and in the lead up to UDIA’s annual “Year That Was” event, we took the opportunity to profile Marnie Dalton from Dalton Consulting Engineers, one of the event speakers and chair of the UDIA Diversity and Engagement Committee, to learn more about her career and passions.

A little about Marnie

Marnie is a Director and Business Development Manager at civil engineering consultancy Dalton Consulting Engineers (DCE).

With a passion for business and leadership, Marnie previously held positions in DCE’s Strategic Group and Management Team prior to being appointed Board Director in 2023. Marnie holds a Bachelor of Communications, Diploma of Human Resources Management, and an Executive MBA from Melbourne Business School (University of Melbourne).

An advocate for equity and inclusion, Marnie has spearheaded many of DCE’s DEI achievements including becoming a Work180 “Endorsed Employer for all Women”, which led to DCE’s recognition in the Herald Sun as one of the Top 101 Workplaces for Women in both 2023 and 2024.

Marnie has contributed to numerous UDIA Committees over the past ten years and currently chairs the Diversity & Engagement Committee. Prior to this, Marnie was proud to chair the UDIA Outlook Committee.

Her greatest career achievements to date have been?

Undertaking an Executive MBA while pregnant and working fulltime, then completing it with a baby. Managing study while working full time was not an easy feat and returning to work with a three-month-old also had its challenges, but being able to finish my Masters with my 13-month-old in tow is an achievement I will always be proud of.

I am also incredibly proud to have played a role in DCE’s DEI journey in recent years. It has been a great privilege to contribute to DCE’s advancement in this space and be appointed as our first female Director and Board member. Spearheading DCE’s Work180 Endorsed Employer for All Women certification was a great milestone and having the company listed in the Herald Sun as one of the Top 101 Workplaces for Women in 2023 and 2024 gave me a huge buzz.

What motivates her

I am passionate about leaving things better than I found them. I am acutely aware of the shadow I cast and want to look back on my career and be proud of not only the work I did but, more importantly, the person I was.

I am fortunate to have surrounded myself with some incredible people in our industry who have championed and supported my career journey. Their passion is contagious.

And of course, my little family who give me loud and beautifully chaotic reasons to get out of bed every morning.

A tip she would give her younger self

Regret hurts more than failure, so say yes to opportunity.

Stay true to your values – alignment with your workplace is so important.

And be yourself. Authenticity is your superpower and will enable you to build incredible relationships throughout your career and personal life.

When she thinks about the future of the industry, what is she excited by?

What we don’t yet know. Technological and social changes have accelerated in recent years, providing the potential to generate positive outcomes for both people and the environment.

As a “geriatric millennial” I am encouraged by the passion of the next generation of property leaders and can’t wait to see how our communities evolve under their leadership – we’re looking at you UDIA Outlook Committee!

The benefits she has received from being a UDIA member?

The advocacy work being undertaken by UDIA is critical to ensuring our industry can continue to deliver housing and create communities for Victorians. I am so appreciative of the work they do on behalf of the property sector.

Having just hit the ten-year milestone of participation in UDIA Victoria Committees, I cannot understate the immense joy I get from collaborating with committee members and contributing to the betterment of our industry.

She has seen the UDIA advance the industry in the following ways

UDIA is proactively leading the way in championing greater diversity and representation in our industry. The recent ’Count Them In’ event provided key insights on inclusion for LGBTQIA+ people, pathways for indigenous employment and women in property.

At a corporate governance level, UDIA is actively removing barriers for participation for women and parents with changes to the Board Constitution announced at the last AGM. These amendments make allowances for Directors to take a period of parental leave without needing to stand down from the board and include a range of provisions pertaining to fertility treatment, pregnancy-related illness and becoming a kinship carer or foster parent.