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UDIA's Finance and Taxation Committee advocates for changes and improvements to the current tax and economic environment, that encourages the delivery of urban development and the supply of new housing through a more efficient and equitable taxation system.  The Committee promotes better access to finance from various funding streams and supports the Institute's engagement with the financial sector.

Examples of priority advocacy issues:

- Reform of existing direct development taxes such as the Growth Area Infrastructure Contribution and Works in Kind system, the Non-Resident and Absentee Surcharges as well as Stamp Duty and Land Tax

- Victorian Government's Consumer Property Legislation Reform Agenda including the review of the Sale of Land Act, the Estate Agents Act, the Owners Corporation Act and the Conveyancers Act

- Drive increased industry engagement with the finance sector, address issues involving the availability of finance and the impact on project feasibility of changing regulation and policy


Committee Members

Michael Taylor-Sands, Maddocks (Chair)         
Frank Nagle, Biggin & Scott Land              
Joseph Van Dyke, Evolve Development
Vanessa Lawless, Ausin Group  
Michael Dib, Blue Earth Group  
Robert Steele, Mirvac   
Nick Bosco, Peet             
Zoe Chung, PwC
Bart O'Callaghan, Urban Pty Ltd
Ray Zelouf, Pangea Capital Pty Ltd

For more information please contact John Casey, 9832 9600 or         



UDIA's Planning Committee advocates for the development and implementation of a planning system that facilitates urban development and that meets Victoria's housing and lifestyle needs, in a way that has a positive economic, social and environmental impact.

The Committee has made several submissions on issues such as the implementation of the new residential zones and Plan Melbourne.

Examples of priority advocacy issues:

Review of the Residential Zones

Improving the Planning Scheme Amendment process

Environmental Assessment (Melbourne Strategic Assessment)

Urban Design Standards

Central City Planning Controls

Issues related to urban renewal and strategic infill development including major projects such as Fishermans Bend and E-Gate

Development Charges such as the Metropolitan Planning Levy and Infrastructure Contributions governed by the Planning and Environment Act

Committee Members

John Cicero, Best Hooper Lawyers (Chair)         
Martin Gaedke, Moremac Property Group (Deputy Chair)                     
Aaron Organ, Ecology and Heritage Partners       
Angus Johnson, AVJennings
Nick Bosco, Peet             
Craig Yelland, Plus Architecture 
Anthony Scafidi, Stockland
Sharon Coates, Frasers Property Australia           
Nevan Wadeson, Tract Consultant
Alisanne Boag, Beveridge Williams
Randah Jordan, Bosco Jonson
Nicholas Golusin, Salta Properties

For more information please contact John Casey, 9832 9600 or 


UDIA's Infrastructure and Urbanisation Committee advocates for the timely provision of urban infrastructure and services, that meets the needs of new and existing communities without adversely impacting the affordability and accessibility of housing.

The Committee has been diligently working on an array of technical issues facing the development industry such as increased costs due to changes in requirements by statutory authorities in road design, drainage and sewerage infrastructure.

Examples of priority advocacy issues:

Major city-building infrastructure projects that contribute to urban development including Melbourne Metro, Fishermans Bend, Victoria's level crossing removal agenda

Funding models for enabling growth area road infrastructure

Ensuring effective and positive working relationships with service providers including water corporations, power companies, local goverment and road authorities

Engineering Plan Approval Process and timely delivery of infrastructure to new communities

Ongoing reform of the Development Contributions System

Committee Members

Jill Lim, Frasers Property (Chair)
Oona Nicolson, Ecology and Heritage Partners
John Forbes, Dennis Family Corporation
James Beauchamp, Maddocks  
Mark Whinfield, Metricon Homes
Clio Templeton, Mirvac       
Doug Vallance, Moremac            
Tim Pepper, Pask Group
Raymond Peck, Raymond J Peck Pty Ltd
Mark Breuer, Spiire        
Matt Ainsaar, Urban Enterprises              
Adam Davidson, Villawood
Maxwell Shifman, Intrapac         
Paul O'Shea, CS Town Planning Services
Stephen Watters, Australian Land Development Engineers

For more information please contact John Casey, 9832 9600 or 



UDIA's Sustainable Development Committee encourages and supports sustainable development that generates positive economic, social and environmental outcomes and assists in addressing wider sustainability goals within the built environment.

Examples of priority advocacy issues:

Provide industry insight to the Institute and its membership on emerging trends and focus areas within the sustainability sector

Directly advocate the social, economic and environmental benefits of sustainable urban development to government so that the industry is supported by policy and regulation

Represent the industry to government on matters of Environmental and Sustainable Design policy, changes to regulations and other relevant policy matters

Advocate for the delivery of sustainable transport through research and promotion of best practice planning for active transport systems

Promote affordability through the use and integration of alternate technologies including cost effective energy products

Promote the benefits of urban ecology through particular focus on the effects of street trees in new subdivisions, urban forests in public open spaces, and integrated natural drainage systems within urban environments

Committee Members

Nicola Smith, Niche Planning Studio (Chair)        
Andrew Duggan, Villawood Properties (Deputy Chair)    
Craig Harris, Low Impact Development Consulting           
Brett Young, Ratio Consultants
Matthew Bradbury, Spiire          
Steffan Welsch, Steffan Welsch Architects           
Ben De Waard, Sustainable Developments Consultants
Bart O'Callaghan, Urban Pty Ltd
Kerry Balci, Stockland   
Mark Whalen, GHD
Andrew Thompson, Cundall      
Aaron Harvey, Biosis 
Neil O'Connor, Villawood Properties


For information on the Sustainable Development Committee, please contact