leadersHIP program

Providing the foundations needed to be an effective, influential and authentic leader in the property development industry.



The ability to be an influential leader requires insight, an ability to connect with people, and to make progress. UDIA's Leadership Program helps leaders do this well and in a way that feels genuine.

Upon completion of this course, you will have gained valuable insights into effective leadership, and strategically mapped out the steps needed to be a successful and meaningul leader. With a focus on self awareness and the importance of finding a leadership style unique to you, you will learn to challenge unproductive patterns of thinking and behaviour, as well as how to realise your full leadership potential.    


  • Managers and leaders with responsibility for people or having to manage people across different functions and projects
  • Managers and leaders wanting to refresh their leadership skills, re-engage their team and grow their influence within their organisation and across the industry
  • Leaders across all areas of property development wishing to move forward in their career


A leadership program delivered by an industry professional that understands leadership challenges specific to the property development industry  
Networking opportunities to learn and share expereriences with like-minded emerging leaders and create lasting industry contacts  
Practical frameworks and tools based in science, to use in navigating people challenges both inside and outside of your organisation 
Practical ways to be an inclusive leader who can effectively engage people from diverse 
generations, cultural backgrounds and gender


Did you know that more than three in four Australian employees are not ‘engaged’ at work?

Managers account for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores across business units – that means your leaders play a huge role in the engagement and performance of your workforce.

Invest in your leaders and high potential employees, and you will enable them to better serve themselves, their team and your organisation. 

  • Future-proofs your leaders so they can navigate your organisation through a continually changing work environment
  • Prepares high potential employees for greater responsibility
  • Improves performance and engagement of high potential employees 
  • Retention of key talent 
  • Teaches your employees resilience and the ability to navigate change and complex 
    decision making tasks
  • Exposes employees to the latest cutting-edge leadership practices that will unite and drive a team forward now and in the future