EHP-UDIA-Advert.jpgAs a nationally recognised certification and branding system that is now in its 10th year, ED provides a critical edge for developers looking to differentiate their properties and achieve better business returns.

EnviroDevelopment (ED) is UDIA’s scientifically-based rating system that recognises leading-edge environmental outcomes across six areas of sustainability: water, ecosystems, community, waste, materials and energy.

ED projects have met stringent standards set by an expert panel including experienced ecologists, town planners, engineers, architects, lawyers, economists and developers.

The ED technical standards are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure they continue to recognise sustainability achievements above government requirements and in light of new technologies and industry standards. 
When purchasers see the any one of the ED symbols on a development, they can be assured they are buying into a project that is excelling in that specific area of sustainability. In this way, ED empowers purchasers to make informed assessments as to whether a property offers the green features they are after.



“Intrapac have successfully achieved EnviroDevelopment certifications for 3 projects nationally this year, with a 4th project being submitted early in the new year. I have worked closely with both Ricki and EnviroDevelopment team over the past 12 months for each of these projects.

My biggest tip to ensure a smooth and trouble free process would be to firstly listen and then obey Ricki’s advice. The EnviroDevelopment team is there to help you, so try and leverage off that assistance for an smooth certification process.

 It has been a pleasure working with Ricki, as her passion for EnviroDevelopment, and attention to detail will always deliver the best result for the project.”

David Lunardi
Development Manager – VIC, Intrapac Property

“In the days before EnviroDevelopment, very little consideration was given to sustainability initiatives in the development of residential subdivisions and communities. EnviroDevelopment has changed this significantly through increasing awareness of sustainability across the development sector, and through the promotion of positive case study examples. This has helped to mainstream many initiatives and motivate people to create a point of difference in their project by trying something new and different in support of an EnviroDevelopment application.

It is interesting to observe that many of the projects now receiving UDIA awards are EnviroDevelopment certified projects. So, what I’ve seen is a real progression over time of projects improving their sustainability outcomes, first in relation to the common and public spaces, and in more recent times extending to an influence over the design and performance of homes and other buildings in a development. I look forward to seeing even more progress towards truly sustainable outcomes over the next 10 years.”

Ben de Waard
Director, Sustainable Development Consultants

“Melbourne Water values the EnviroDevelopment program because it contributed to enabling wetlands and waterways to be appreciated and enjoyed by the community for passive recreation and amenity use.”

Olivia Vincent
Customer Segment Manager, Melbourne Water

To find out more about UDIA EnviroDevelopment please contact Mr Taylor Hood - UDIA National Sustainability Executive, EnviroDevelopment:
T: 07 3233 2711

E: thood@udiaqld.com.au


Click here to view developments certified as EnviroDevelopments in Victoria and Australia wide.



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