• UDIA National member alert: Countdown to the Federal Election


    UDIA National member alert: Countdown to the Federal Election

    The Prime Minister announced the federal election will take place on Saturday 18 May, just 4 weeks away. UDIA will continue to advocate on your behalf to support our election campaign ‘Building a Liveable Future for all Australians’.
    We’re calling on all sides of politics, regardless of who is in power after the election, to make an urgent commitment to addressing the key issues impacting liveability in our cities.
    UDIA is a trusted government advisor and we are working closely with both sides of government to leverage our expertise for the benefit of our nation.
    Our election campaign is addressed under 3 key themes:

    Don’t Kill the Market:

    • Maintain negative gearing and capital gains tax concessions.
    • Use a range of measures to broaden the overall taxation funding base to protect struggling home buyers from bearing the burden of additional fees and charges.
    • Incentivise the states to move away from stamp duty to increase efficiencies of the market.
    Keep Australia open for Business
    • Ensure Australia remains able to grow through targeted skilled migration and settlement programs.
    • Establish regular population forecasts and a national Strategic Population Plan to better inform strategic land-use and infrastructure plans.
    • Use data to inform a national Strategic Population Plan that forecasts infrastructure and housing requirements to accommodate population growth.
    Build a more connected Australia
    • Federal government to set up an ‘Infrastructure Accord’ where major parties agree to permanently insulate the identification, funding and delivery of significant infrastructure from partisan politics.
    • Focus on targeted infrastructure projects to ensure services are delivered where housing is being developed.
    • Long term infrastructure planning and delivery needs to be completed in consultation with the industry.
    On the lead up to the federal election, we’ll be highlighting these recommendations to all sides of politics at every opportunity.
    Our unique insights and expertise, drawn from our members across the nation, ensure UDIA is an authoritative and informed voice in relation to these important issues.
    UDIA election updates are on the campaign website www.udiacampaign.com.au
    If you’re not doing so already, we ask that you follow UDIA National’s social media pages and also share each of our posts to help us spread the word about our campaign and our strategic thinking to your networks.


    Darren Cooper, UDIA National President