udia National - the quiet achiever

The UDIA directly influences federal governments and oppositions through its national office. Key issues impacting grass roots members are communicated at State level and elevated to National office through State CEOs and National Council. Our federated structure ensures our voice is intimately informed by real people in the business of urban development.
The net result is a resonant, powerful and respected voice in Canberra that delivers.
UDIA’s focus at the national level is on delivery rather than noise. Our small national team leverages the knowledge and experience of our industry to deliver sound, sensible, thoughtful policy that is advanced by working collaboratively with governments, oppositions and the bureaucracy. Our voice is backed by real experience and quality research that is designed to support policy discussions and decisions - not just headlines.
Examples of where members’ immediate interests are represented at the national level include the UDIA push for the Federal Government to leverage spending to deliver better outcomes in planning and land supply as well as ongoing work reducing tax and red and green tape.