• Industry working on submission regarding Garden Area Requirements


    Industry working on submission regarding Garden Area Requirements

    The State Government introduced the Garden Area Requirement (GAR) in March this year with the intention of maintaining the green open character of neighbourhoods.

    The UDIA are participating in the industry-wide discussion on this topic, culminating in submissions to be finished in late August.  

    The key concerns relating to the design and implementation of the new requirements focus around inconsistencies in the implementation process and ambiguity regarding the definition of “garden area”.

    UDIA has identified numerous implications of the GAR as they are currently articulated, including delays in development and uncertainty around the application of the GAR. These implications run the risk of resulting in a higher cost to the end purchaser of the affected housing products.

    Furthermore, UDIA has recommended that any applications to amend an existing planning permit under the transitional provisions and exempt them from the GAR. To read the full submission, please see here. To read the original document released by the government, please see here.