• Industry responds to Sunset Regulations Review


    Industry responds to Sunset Regulations Review

    The UDIA was invited to provide comment on the Regulatory Impact Statement and Proposed Regulations, which have been prepared as part of the Building Regulations Sunset Review.
    UDIA welcomes the review of the Building Regulations 2006, especially the intention to address the current levels of information asymmetry in the building industry. We broadly support the suite of changes proposed, however UDIA have provided comments and recommendations regarding two of the proposed regulations.
    These two Regulations are ‘Proposed Regulation 85: daylight to habitable room windows’ and ‘Proposed Regulation 169: Prescribed mandatory notification stages for construction or alteration of building’.
    The changes proposed to the former were made on the basis that daylight is regularly mentioned as one of the most important features required in apartment by potential occupants. The second proposed regulation aims to reduce defects in building work. However, UDIA believes the follow issues will arise if the proposed approach is pursued: insufficient resources, additional cost, time required, lack of expert knowledge, lack of control over the building site, transferring responsibility and project delays.
    UDIA believes there are more efficient ways of achieving the aims outlined. To read the full submission, please see here. To read DELWP’s proposal, please see here