• Release of Cladding Risk Assessment Tool to industry


    Release of Cladding Risk Assessment Tool to industry

    The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) has released a cladding risk assessment tool to industry. The Risk Assessment Tool was developed by the Victorian Government and fire safety experts and is used to consistently assess the risk of combustible external facades on multi-storey buildings.

    Victoria has led the way in developing a risk tool which has been now distributed to other jurisdictions around Australia as part of a collaborative approach to dealing with this critical issue.

    Every day as part of the state-wide cladding audit, expert panels use the tool to assist in reviewing the information collected during an onsite inspection. The panel includes a fire safety engineer, a fire safety emergency expert such as the CFA or MFB, and a building surveyor who together analyse the overall risk of a building and recommend steps to reduce risks.

    By releasing the tool to industry, the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) hope that practitioners will use this as a starting point to better understand the elements of a building that contribute to the risk of a cladding fire. The tool is not intended as a substitute for expert judgement, and does not assess compliance with the National Construction Code. 

    About the Risk Assessment Tool

    It is a professional tool and requires expertise in building and construction to use it properly. The tool enables an efficient assessment of what needs to be done to increase the fire safety of a building clad in combustible materials.

    To request the Risk Assessment Tool, please email stakeholder@vba.vic.gov.au.

    Please see here for more information on the VBA’s website.