• Nbn-trained suppliers to help fast-track nbn New Developments applications


    Nbn-trained suppliers to help fast-track nbn New Developments applications

    nbn™ is set to launch a new training program to upskill designers and installers in nbn specific Multi Technology Mix standards and guidelines, in a move that aims to help developers deliver nbn-ready projects earlier by helping to fast-track the certification process and allowing works to commence sooner.
    The New Developments training program is designed to ensure that new development designs and installations are built correctly the first time – helping to minimise project delays.
    Currently, approximately 50 per cent of submitted nbn access network designs across Australia require more than one corrective action – whether it’s for pit and pipe or pathway design. The nbn New Developments training program will further educate designers and installers in an effort to minimise the need for any corrections, while aiming to ensure they are delivering consistently high-quality work for every new project.
    With the implementation of the New Developments training program, developers will be able to access faster design approvals and certification (a Practical Completion Certificate – or PPC) of works, as well as not being charged by nbn for design reviews or required pit and pipe inspections – all benefits that we expect will be in full-effect in 2019.
    Developers will have access to a dedicated list of nbn trained suppliers, where they can select suppliers based on their completion of the relevant training to help ensure their project isn’t faced with setbacks due to the design and installation of nbn™ access network infrastructure.
    The three modules of the training cover every aspect of pit and pipe design and installation: pit and pipe design, Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU) pathway design and pit and pipe installation.
    * Self-certification and sample design review benefits are intended to come into effect as of December 2018.
    For more information please visit nbn.com.au/newdevstraining