• Infrastructure Australia releases Future Cities report


    Infrastructure Australia releases Future Cities report

    Infrastructure Australia has released the Future Cities: Planning for our growing population report.
    Using scenario planning, the Future Cities report studies how Melbourne and Sydney might look 30 years from now. The report includes specific recommendations to governments that work to address the issues associated with population growth, particularly in Australia’s major cities.
    The report states that in-between 2017 and 2046, the population of Australia will grow by 11.8 million people. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth are expected to accommodate 75 per cent of this growth.  
    The report uses a scenario planning analysis of the growth pathway for Melbourne and Sydney to assess both the challenges and opportunities that will affect Australia’s major cities.
    The three scenarios looked at in the report are a low-density population distribution designed to minimise impact on existing urban areas, a centralised high-density scenario that focuses the population around inner cities and employment centres and a medium-density scenario that aims to evenly distribute residences and employment in a greater city region.
    Please see here to see to read the full report.