• Banning Combustible Cladding in Victoria


    Banning Combustible Cladding in Victoria

    The Andrews Labor Government have announced a ban on the most dangerous types of combustible cladding from being used on Victorian buildings. New ministerial guidelines have been released to building surveyors as recommended by the Victorian Cladding Taskforce. The new guidelines details what cannot be used in construction sites in Victoria by suppliers and builders.

    The Labor Government has also augmented the powers of VBA, which has already assessed 87 buildings as part of a state-wide audit. Noncompliant buildings will be actioned through the VBA and Municipal Building Surveyors are issuing emergency orders to ensure that highest standards of safety.

    This comes after the Victorian Cladding Taskforce, chaired by former Premier Ted Baillieu and Deputy Premier John Thwaites, discovered that 1,369 buildings were as most likely having Aluminium Cladding Panels. Of the identified buildings, 579 have not begun construction, and a further 129 have not been completed.

    As stated by the Minister for Planning, builders that continue to use flammable products will face disciplinary actions from the VBA.

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