• Automated Vehicles Get The Green Light


    Automated Vehicles Get The Green Light

    Legislation was passed in Victorian Parliament last week that allows driverless vehicles to be trialled across the state.

    Under the changes to the Road Safety Act, VicRoads will be able to grant permits to individuals or organisations wanting to conduct on road trials of automated vehicles.

    Minister for Roads and Road Safety Luke Donnellan has also announced a $9 million grant program for researchers and industry, as part of the Towards Zero Road Strategy and Action Plan.

    These grants will support the development of vehicles with connected and automated technology and safety features.

    Under the new laws, all driverless vehicle trials will require a human supervisor to monitor the vehicle from either inside or outside the vehicle.

    Once it has been established a vehicle can drive safely, this condition may be removed to allow the vehicle to drive in automated mode in limited circumstances without a supervisor.

    Minister Donnellan has said “Victoria is at the forefront of autonomous vehicle technology and these changes will allow our best and brightest to continue to drive transport innovation.”

    Furthermore, Infrastructure Victoria has been tasked by the State Government to lead a study on automated and zero emission vehicles and is calling out to the industry for submissions. UDIA will be participating in this submission process.
    To see more on the State Government’s Autonomous Vehicles legislation, please see here.