• Update on Planning Scheme Revocations


    Update on Planning Scheme Revocations

    Earlier this month, two motions to revoke approved planning scheme amendments were debated by the Victorian Parliament.

    These included the Apple store in Federation Square and the West Gate Tunnel project. UDIA is pleased to inform you that the UDIA media release and UDIA policy position regarding revocations of planning scheme amendments by the Victorian Parliament were referred to several times during the debates; used to strengthen the case against these two proposed revocations.

    Excerpts from an open letter UDIA authored in conjunction with other peak industry bodies calling out the use of parliamentary processes to overturn planning decisions were also read aloud.

    See here to read the Legislative Council Daily Hansard from Wednesday – view pages 10, 11, 21 and 57 to read the parliamentary references to UDIA’s policy position on planning scheme amendment revocations.                                                                          
    The motion against the Apple store was voted down. However, the future of the West Gate Tunnel hung in limbo to be further debated when Parliament returned.
    When Parliament sat next, on Wednesday 7th March, the Greens and Coalition voted to revoke the West Gate Tunnel planning scheme amendment in the Upper House. The vote to revoke won with 22 to 18 votes.
    On Thursday 8th March the Government re-gazetted the plans, and work commenced again on the tunnel.
    However, the Greens have stated that given the chance, they will vote to revoke the new amendment. The Coalition has not confirmed it will follow suit from the Greens.
    See here to read an opinion piece on disruptions to Victoria’s planning system in The Age by UDIA Victoria CEO, Danni Addison.