the HOMEBUYERS portal

The Urban Development Institute represents the wants, needs and views of the residential development industry, and that includes looking out for their customers – every day Victorian housing owners and home buyers.

A huge part of what we do lies in creating a voice for Victoria's current and future residents who hope to one day enter the enter the property market or grow their residential property portfolio. 

We don't believe owning a home should be reserved for the wealthy or overly privileged, and so we do a lot of work to enable housing affordability and accessibility. We influence key government decisions involving issues such as how much a house might cost, how efficient it may be, where it could be located, and how it is serviced by transport routes and other amenities.

Ultimately, our purpose is to lift and maintain the public's confidence in the residential development industry, and we do this by providing our members with the intel and the tools they need to give Victoria's home buyers the best possible deal on housing. 

Members of the Urban Development Institute are subject to the highest standards of integrity on all fronts, and actively engage in professional development to ensure they continually maintain and improve their industry skills.


Buying an environmentally-friendly home

Through our EnviroDevelopment program, UDIA empowers purchasers to make informed assessments as to whether a property offers the green features they are after.
EnviroDevelopment (ED) is UDIA’s scientifically-based rating system that recognises leading-edge environmental outcomes across six areas of sustainability: water, ecosystems, community, waste, materials and energy. Developments that achieve certification in one or more of these sustainable elements can use the corresponding ED symbol in their marketing materials.
When purchasers see the any one of the ED symbols on a development, they can be assured they are buying into a project that is excelling in that specific area of sustainability.
UDIA advises buyers to look for the EnviroDevelopment symbols when considering purchasing into a new development.