• Liberal Nationals Announce 'Get Victoria Moving'


    Liberal Nationals Announce 'Get Victoria Moving'

    In November this year, the Liberal National Victorian Government announced the Get Victoria Moving project.

    The announcement revealed a Liberal Nationals Government will commit between $4.1 billion to $5.3 billion to removing traffic lights and roundabouts through grade separations at 55 of Melbourne and Geelong’s most congested intersections on the busiest arterial roads. 
    The announcement reported traffic congestion costs our economy around $5.54 billion a year and that census data shows that 74% of Melburnians take a car to work every day. 
    The announcement also included information about 35 intersections that will be grade separated, with another 20 to be announced after further community consultation.
    To read the full press release, please see here. To read the full report, please see here