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Thu, 09 Aug 2018 09:00 AM - 04:30 PM


Cardno - Level 4, 501 Swanston Street, Melbourne

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Do you sometimes struggle to negotiate effectively? Maybe you get angry, frustrated or avoid situations which prevents you getting the best outcome.

Or maybe you would like to be able to improve your negotiation skills and be able to read other people better to promote situations where both parties are pleased with the result.

We have all been there and know how difficult negotiation situations can be.

The UDIA One Day Masterclass, “Negotiating The Best Results”, gives you simple structure and tools to help you to be more effective and comfortable negotiating with colleagues, managers, staff, suppliers and customers. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Increase negotiation skills to achieve consistent results
  • The different types of negotiation
  • How to gauge where other people stand so you can communicate more effectively towards
  • a positive outcome
  • How to negotiate within your own comfort zone and in your own style
  • The skills needed in effective negotiation – both hard and soft
  • How to work with hidden or not-so-hidden agendas
  • How to negotiate with different audiences, whether it be colleagues, managers, government agencies or customers
  • The different situations where negotiation skills can be used
  • How to negotiate when there’s a bit of “bad blood” or things haven’t gone so well in the past
  • How to negotiate when you’re an introvert or hate disagreements
  • The words and phrases to use, and questions to ask in negotiation to get a good outcome (and what to avoid) 

Who should attend?
  • Graduates who want to learn to negotiate effectively to open up future career opportunities
  • Individuals new to residential property development wanting to develop their negotiation skills
  • Assistant development or project managers who want to be even better leaders and negotiators
  • Those in local and state government who want to experience less conflict and feel less pressure
  • Finance managers who want to improve their negotiation skills
  • International or interstate and local developers who would like to achieve faster outcomes
  • Industry professionals seeking a broader understanding around communication skills and negotiation
  • Others in the property development industry (such as consultants, planners, asset managers, property analysts, economists, engineers, architects, lawyers, accountants, marketers and administrators) who would love to find negotiation easier, and get better results more consistently.  

Meet the trainer

Maureen Pound is known for influencing, motivating and getting results.

She is an expert coach and trainer and has worked extensively in the property industry, supporting clients such as Stockland Property Group, Villawood Property, Carlisle Homes, Sweeney Estate Agents, and Millar Merrigan Land Development Consultants.

She has appeared in BRW, The Age, Dynamic Business Magazine and Australian Property Investor.

Maureen has built up a property portfolio of her own, runs her own successful company, and takes at least 10 holidays a year as a solo mother with 2 IVF children.

Her mission in life is to support individuals and businesses to improve their communication both internally and externally ensuring more satisfaction, happiness and a healthier bottom line.

What you receive
  • Quick and easy online course survey to ensure your needs and expectations are met, and so course can be tailored to your individual needs
  • One exceptional full day training session which will give you practical skills you can use straight away.
  • A qualified experienced trainer who will adapt training to meet your needs
  • Individual feedback so you can cement what you are already doing well, and be aware of areas for improvement
  • A safe learning environment in which to practice skills learnt
  • Materials for learning on the day and future reference after the course



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